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17" all around

31 July 2000
tampa, FL.. USA
I am a first time NSX buyer, I found a 91 with 45k miles that seems like a good price. The car has 17" wheels front/back. Should I be concerned about performance or handling issues with a change in wheel size like that?
When you say TCS are you refering to traction control, because the person who is selling the car did mention turning off traction control for better handeling.
When I bought my '91 it had 17" all around and never caused any problems. Tire sizes were 215/40/17 & 255/40/17. This setup works very well, as I know of many that use this setup on the track.
I use 17s all around, I personaly think this looks more "balanced" and I save a few bucks on smaller tires. This is the perferd set-up for track, as you want the smallest wheel that can fit over your brakes. By using 17s all around, you have enough room to fit big brakes upfront and keep a smaller rear wheel.
As long as you be careful on selecting tires that are in the range of the original front to rear diameter ratio, there should be no TCS problem.

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