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Wheel size TCS

4 March 2024
hello, I just bought a 1991 NSX which had 17 wheels at the rear and 16 at the front and which I don't like
I received with the car the original rims on which I mounted Yokohama in original size
with the big wheels no problem
but with the origins my tcs turns on and the car loses power
Could one of you have an explanation?
I thank you in advance
Well, those are the standard sizes (sorry for checking, but some folks end up with very odd tire sizes).

If the TCS and power drop only happens under strong acceleration, maybe the new tires still have their mold release on- new tires are actually pretty slippery at first.

If it happens all the time, Maybe a wheel speed sensor was damaged or disconnected while they had the wheels on and off.

Other than that, I'm out of ideas, sorry!
I found the reason……🤡
I made a mistake
The tire shop put 60’s on the front….
I didn’t double check 🙃
Thanks again
I checked on my paper……😁
And this morning i decided to measure the outer diameter of the tire
and I calculated that there was a difference of 1.2 percent between the front and the rear..... it was not possible...