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18/19 Kumhos discontinued

7 November 2012
Just tried to order 215/35/18 and 275/30/19 Kumho SPT from onlinetires and was informed they are out and have been discontinued. Anyone know someone who still has these? I wanted these because they run wider than other brands. What is the next widest running tire with similar specs that you'd recommend?

No surprise the SPT is going away, it's old.
Yeah, S Drive it is. Haven't heard much about the Sumi's on here but overall I've heard it's good for the price. Obviously we can't be too picky at these sizes, but I want to avoid a narrow tire like the Falkens at all costs.
I don't know how the widths run, but at this point the best tire available in those sizes is the Sumitomo HTR Z III.