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19"/20" rim and tires for the nsx

26 September 2000
Has anyone done this setup? I'm curious to know if anyone has gone this route, or knows of someone who did.

This is just my opinion for what it's worth although I haven't seen this combo. I have seen the 18/19 combo. If you're doing this only from a looks stand point the 18/19 is really pushing it in my book. It looks like there's hardly have any sidewall. It has a very "riced" look of a Civic, not like an NSX that's already exotic - Result overdone. Also I think you'll spend a fortune on tires and you'll have an extremely limited selection to choose from.

Also if you have "any" bad roads I'd bet you're going damage a wheel. In fact your performance will most likely suffer due to heavier weight and the stiffer side walls won't do as much as sway bar and springs.

Hal Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon
95T Blk\Blk SportShift
JMO...but Id go with 17/18, and lower it! But again thats just my opinion! Thats the route Im gonna go! Plan on getting some really nice rims and lowering it by about 1.5inches. I love that look! Good Luck!
I ask this question because a fellow NSXer told me he that he has seen this setup on an NSX in person, and I want to know if it's BS or not. I doubt he'll lie, but then again who knows right? On top of this, he tells me he's trying to order this setup for his car. Money isn't an option for this guy, so I know he can afford it. He just bought a new convertible corvette(black with custom red leather), and has James Dean's T-bird?

Anyways, I'm still wondering if it's been done. Thanks for the replies
Oops that's what I get for replying late Friday night... I was look at hejo's reply where he was talking about 18/19. I'm going to bed!
Lud doesn't sleep early?? hehe...anyways, I'm sure someone out there knows someone who has this setup. Can someone who's on the listserve ask for me? Thanks for all the replies and help so far.
Can you imagine how little side wall you'd have with a 20"?

The sidewall height would be about an inch if you wanted to keep the same effective gearing as stock. I don't know if you could even find tires to fit.
I've seen the 18 front and 18 rear. It looks great. To keep the rear circumferance the same as stock go to 285-30-18 and in the front go with 225-35-18. I have the above rear wheel/tire set up on mine and the ride is as good as stock. Have Michelin pilots. With this set up your traction control will not work, but your acceleration will stay almost the same except for pushing a little more weight. You can see the 18/18 setup on the "movin" brake site. They sell Porshe brake kits for many cars including the NSX.