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1991-1992 nsx with 30k miles reliablity?

4 March 2002
Central PA
I have been looking at 91-92 nsx's with 25-35k miles on them, and am curious about the reliability of them.? Are there any big expenses (like timing belt or clutch) that usually need done at 40k miles or so?

I just want something different and there are no NSX's around me right now. '02 S2000's are about the same $31k though.?

thanks for any insight... i didn't search, so the question maybe a repeat.

Never had a problem other than maintainance w/ mine.92' coupe.
Although you must negotiate accordingly if the car is "within snap ring range"
"Give me rigidity or give me death!!!"

havent had my 91 all that long, but already put 3k on her, and all i can say regarding quality is "its a honda!"

the least reliable part of the car is the tires. the damn things need replacing ever 3-5k miles!!!!hehehe
They are several known problems with the early cars. The window regulators can fail but they are inexpensive to fix thru Dali racing; and the tranny must be checked to ensure it is either out of snap ring range or has been fixed. Check the FAQ section of this website for details. FWIW timing belts need replacing every 60-90,000 miles (spec has changed over time) OR every 8 years and cost about $1200 for this service.
Specified service interval for the timing belt is unchanged to date:

90,000 miles or 72 months (6 years), whichever comes first.
I never had a window problem "yet" and yes the belt and water pump was 1200.00.
I have put 17k on the car since when I got it at 29k.
PS....I also have the same miles on my Pirelli P-7000's,I have read many posts of pre-mature tire wear.Yes w/ the factory specs. on alignment that is true 3-5k on the rears.Not true at all after I got my car aligned by Mark Basch Acura.It looks like there another 17-20k before the need to change the tires unless of course "if I decide to race the car".....