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1991-1994 Transmission Gears/Synchros

19 March 2002
In a big building with many toys
WTB, 1991-1994 Transmission Gears/Synchros
Ok everyone that has upgraded to short gears now is the time to clear the garage of those useless left over gears.
Pineapple (AKA Mike or the Mad Hawaiin)
ive got everything you need. I just bought a BRAND NEW trans and added short gears and a 4.23. Never even driven 1 mile on :biggrin:
Two words:

Mark Basch

I have the OEM gears you took out of my tranny. How much would you like to pay for them?

I've been trying to contact you regarding the heat shield I need for under my trunk. My car is apart now and I could really use that part. I've been calling you on your cell but you haven't been responding.

Please reply to me.

Steven Lee