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1991 Deluxe Edition Book (NSX)

12 March 2005
Santa Clarita, CA
A friend, who works for the local Acura dealership in my area, loaned me a beautiful book on the introduction of the 1991 NSX. He received this book from the Acura representative in 1991 (as a gift) at the time the dealership was about to receive one of the first to be delivered NSX's.

My friend explained that these books, which were in limited quantity, were going to be presented to 'buyers' of the 1991 NSX... not to 'shoppers.'

The book is 12 inches by 12 inches and has 48 pages. The paper is of a high quality gloss and semi-gloss stock with front and back parchment paper. It contains beautiful full color images of the 1991 NSX along with sketches of its prototype, data and abundant text. The cover is one-third black and two-thirds silver with ACURA NSX overlapping the two materials.

My friend would like to sell this book, but has no idea of what its value is. If anyone has seen one of these books or has any information as to its value would you please respond to this thread.

There was one that sold on ebay 10/21 for $52


Which I believe was a good deal.

It depends on the condition.

Like the above post shows is that there are some on Amazon.

I would say very good to excellent should get ~$100 The one in New condition has been out there for a while at $150.

I would say $75 to $150 if it is in good condition. Basically what somebody is willing to pay.

It is a very nice book with some cutaway pictures of the car & suspension.

I would think somebody here on Prime would be interested in adding it to their collection.

My observations as of late...

The dealer book (hardback; silver-black gloss-cover; 48pages) goes for $35-$45 in good/great to new/unused condition, generally speaking. Obviously there are exceptions ($15-$25 on ebay to $50-$75 on Prime). These are relatively available in the marketplace.

The owner book (hardback; black fabric-cover w/ aluminum "NSX" emblem-lettering/inset; 64pages) goes for $200-$250. Obviously there are exceptions (~$150 for worn/fair condition to $400-$500 for included original box w/ Acura embossed letter & OEM Bose literature+package). These are relatively rare & uncommonly appear in the marketplace.

Moar info: http://www.nsxprime.com/wiki/Books
Wow! I have a CASE of these in my closet. All of them new in the plastic, and the case they were shipped in has '1991 Acura NSX Brochures' printed on the side. I wonder if that is worth more, since I am fairly sure nobody kept that case?
LOL sorry OP you were thinking it was worth more. common but not often
you can find one on ebay or prime from time to time

I have one I got off ebay for 57 bucks

cool to read it def.