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1991 NSX on Carsales

14 June 2014
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Guys, I happen to stumble across an NSX up for sale on Carsales.com from Sydney.
I mean it seems decent and everything is align properly nothing out of the ordinary its low Milages, Grand Prix White, 5 Speed manual, Black aftermarket interior etc.

But what i need to know is that was this car and Insurance Job? What happened to it previously? He or She is asking for $60,000 AUD is it worth it?

LINK: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Honda-NSX-1991/SSE-AD-3072628
Callout: http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/sho...ers-of-blue-NSX-(ARA44T)-and-white-FTO-(I-AM)cp5457557066369550826.jpgcp5577389305336961372.jpg
Its sold.

From memory the owner was overseas at the time and his friend was looking after it but had nowhere to keep it, and just kept moving it around in the carpark or something?
Yes, fast sales....... both white manual ones sold in one or two days. One in VIC 1995, 103k, $69,000 other NSW 1991 with later front, 53k? $60,000
and as we have said before the rest are selling without even getting on the Carsales site......
Saw that picture on the FB S2k group. So sad, it sold so fast I messaged the owner and I didn't even get a response.
Actually looking at how good the condition it's in, and the low mileage [less than my 1998] I think it's not far off the mark. Certainly if the condition of the car, seen from the photos is accurate, then the fact it's a Japanese import should not deter enthusiasts such as us?
There was only the above pic before... Now that there's more... Ouch :\