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1992 nsx na1 no crank no fuel prime

8 June 2023
my 92 nsx wont crank and no fuel pump prime when I turn key to "run". when key is turned to "run" position I am only getting 8.01 v going into fuel pump relay from main relay and same v at fuel pump resistor during priming phase(i know fuel pumps run on 12v not 8;)). i went ahead and bypassed clutch interlock switch and fuel pump resistor as well but ign in "start" position there is no voltage through clutch interlock switch even though the ign switch is sending 12v in "start" position. I replaced main relay thinking solders were cracked but still no crank no fuel prime...vehicle has an old codealarm brand alarm system that still arms and disarms(i checked) and i can hear the relays working and tested them for operation (behind drivers seat). Can anyone point me in the right direction? i am a bit confused as i know the starter circuit and fuel pump relay act separately from eachother,...i am wondering if it has something to do with immobilizer as that would be something that can control both starter and fuel pump operation? i would be grateful for any input thanks yall!