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1995 NSX-T. The "Don't tell my Wife" build....

10 August 2015
Washington Terrace, Utah
Hello everyone! So a little background on my car history.

I have wanted an NSX and a 4th gen Civic ever since I could drive....and obviously, the only one I could for a while was the 4th gen. I have had many 4th gens, and the one I just sold was almost where I wanted it. Repainted engine bay, GSR swap, turbo'd along with a slew of other parts. However, I am selling her to a friend to fund the NSX addiction.

I just recently purchased my NSX in August, flew my brother and I out to Orlando, FL to pick her up and drive Kapowski (what she has been named) back to Utah. She made the trip back no problem. I even made a pit stop in Las Vegas to purchase some wheels. I took the chrome wheels off and purchased Volk TE37sl's. Then it was a Pride V2 exhaust, Seibon Type S wing, double din headunit and some other small things. So this stuff cost me a small fortune (in my eyes anyways haha). Then I said I am done for a bit...we all know how that goes.

While the NSX is quick...she isn't fast as she looks. I need a little more speed. I went back and fourth on what kind of forced induction I plan on getting...and I was sold on turboing it. However with a fairly limited budget, I couldn't go that route. I have found a custom Vortech kit out of California. My brother is going to be picking it up this Sunday for me and I should have it in a couple weeks when he drives back to Utah to visit.

I know my car isn't anything special..and this thread will be a slow mover, as I am a guy with an okay job, a family and working on my MBA...I don't have a ton of "play" money, so mods will be far and few.

And what everyone is waiting for...pictures!


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Thanks! I really want a set of BBS LMs...those will be what I end up getting next! Here's a couple more pictures as well. I really need to get better at documenting things with this car!


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