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1996 Black/Black JH4NA1182TT000032

23 January 2012
This one showed up on Autotrader for $34k.

Here is a Carfax on the car...

03/2001 - Right Front Accident, hit a parked vehicle
03/2002 - (40,541 miles) year later it is sold at auction
04/2002 - dealer pulls title
10/2006 - serviced at an Acura dealership
03/2012 - (41,595) sold at auction in Pennsylvania
03/2012 - (41,623) several Inspections, checked out at Suburban Collection in Michigan
05/2012 - (41,941) maintenance Inspection at Acura Dealership (Michigan)

The car has basically had 1500 miles put on it since 2002. I have concerns of garage rot, despite the maintenance inspection performed at an Acura dealership...

Anyone have information on the car? Thoughts?
Only 41k miles yet the drivers seat isn't in great shape... strange. Yea, I would stay away as well. Certainly having a car sit that long will mean that perhaps even the timing belt is rotting, even if it has no real miles on it.

Certainly you would want to do the timing belt, water pump, possibly the front cooling lines as well - if you bought it. Like HockeyGoalie said, I would prefer to stay away from accident NSXs as well. Especially one that was sold at auction twice, seems like if it drove well and was in good shape someone would just hold onto it or wouldn't have an issue selling it private party, not at auction.
In the first picture the caliper color of choice seems to be rust. Also the chin spoiler is missing.
In the first picture the caliper color of choice seems to be rust.

That could be paint, but the photo is too small to be of any use. Autotrader really needs to step up their photo hosting abilities considering what they charge. This isn't the 90s anymore with people running XGA computer displays.

Anyway, while there are definitely warning signs it could be a decent purchase for the right buyer. A thorough inspection would tell a lot about what's needed in the way of maintenance, and if the frame was compromised due to that accident. Just tread carefully if you do decide to proceed.
Wonder if this fell off, then back on Autotrader because it just showed up as a new listing. Its 119 miles from me so I may see if the MI guys in that area will take a look at it. Assuming I were to pull the trigger, and that's a big assumption (as I have two others on my radar), the lack of a chin spoiler doesn't matter to me. I'd probably put it in the shop and convert it to '02 front/rear w/Stacy skirts anyway. :cool:

Here's the new link in case anyone is interested. http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-...=200&maxPrice=50000&listingId=323829412&Log=0
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Crazy, I have two people going by to look at it

HERE'S OUR FINDINGS FROM YESTERDAY (add worn leather on DS seat as well);

Here's the report of Judi and I checking out JH4NA1182TT000032 (Black / Black 1996 NSX-T) at International Auto Center (owner Mazen 'Mason' Dawoud), 15745 Telegraph in Redford, MI;

Overall it ran and drove pretty well (how Honda-like) so might be worth at some price bringing back to it's previous glory, but I'm not sure how financially viable it might be.....

From the Carfax, it had been in a Right Front accident by hitting a parked vehicle (3/2001 @ 40,541 miles).
Clearly they replaced a bunch of stuff in that corner, and the alignment of the various panels still isn't quite right.
The fact that A/C condenser still needs to be replaced (he ordered the part from an Acura dealer and plans to install it soon) makes me think it was a pretty substantial hit to do damage that deep.

In no particular order, here are the issues I found ('Mason' was pretty forthcoming with several of these);

A/C obviously not working yet
The LR tire is a Kuhmo, the rest are Bridgestones
No spare tire
No tool kit
New battery, but the hold-down system had yet to be installed
Engine cover (that holds the targa top) needs to be recovered
The engine glass hatch struts are shot
The stereo speakers in the DS door are not working, and the volume knob is worn in one spot
Didn't try the cassette (although the cassette door had a broken spring)
Engine coil covers (both sides) are missing
The DS door armrest needs some significant repair (leather pulled away a lot, don't understand how that might have happened- maybe trying to fix the speaker?)
Then center console (split type) needs to be repaired (rear section hinge completely unattached).
Both seat TILT adjusters are inop (both electric motors make noise but do nothing- fore / aft still work OK)
The DS outside mirror is inop (and pointing way down, not fun while driving)
Shift knob worn and stitching loose
DS front fender LINER wonky on the upper area (wavy, not sure why)
Front calipers need to be refinished (rears looked OK)
Wheels (esp DS) could use a refinish
Brake lamp dash indicator on (we checked all the lights EXCEPT the brake lights- DOH!)
Targa seals need to be replaced (no evidence of water leakage, but it did rattle occasionally during the drive) and had sizeable tears front & rear
Brakes felt a little mushy (and I slightly locked the DS Front the first test panic stop) but they felt somewhat better after that.
There were several paint issues all over the car (black hides nothing!) especially at the top rear of the PS front fender.

OK, are you getting a picture of where it stands now?
I took many photos, but I don't think you'll need them

Mason told me that he likes driving it and will probably just keep fixing things until it sells, but when he mentioned $39,995 as the 100% fixed price I couldn't help but think that $5K ain't gonna cover it (add a TB / WP service to that, and game over).

Hope that helps,
Brian & Judi
You were the main ones to see it. For that price though, and knowing the interior I want to do will cost around $11k, that would put me way over on the back end after the basic needed love, AND the '02 face/asslift