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1997 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo

10 December 2004
Calypso Red (bright red)/Tan (w/red piping) -- perfect paint.

30k miles w/service records, pristine factory AWI rims, beautiful
stainless exhaust tips, leather in near perfect condition (minimal
bolster wear), painted Brembo brakes (red) w/Brembo logo painted in
white, and the vehicle has been babied and maintained by a
meticulous owner. Originally purchased from Fox Valley Motorcars in
Chicago, and have been service here at the local authorized dealer
(AM of NE/LM), since her arrival in New England.

The seller is local (NH), and a good/honest friend. I've known the
car and owner since 1999 -- who's also a Lotus, Ltd. member and a
fellow Lotus enthusiast.

Asking price: $40k/OBO

No financial interest...just sad that the owner is parting with the
near-perfect vehicle.

The vehile will be available for display at Michael's Motorsports in
Lexington, MA if anyone is interested.
The one next to the silver Vette Z06:






Good question, NetViper...the interior was redesigned starting with 1998. 1997 was the last year of the classic binnacle interior (jet figher dash look). The newer dash ('98+), however does not have the woodgrain trim or a boost guage, whereas this '97 does. This was also the last year for the dual fuel filler flaps...so that you can gas from either side.