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1997 NSX-T Yellow/Black Comptech Supecharger CTSC JH4NA2166VT000039

13 July 2011
Oak Hill, Northern Virginia
SOLD ! THANKS TO NSXPRIME Selling always garaged Beauty before winter. Scraping ice off daily driver wore me down. Fine example bought from NSX fanatic/original owner Window Sticker Buyers Order Finance Contract Maintenance Records.

Location of Vehicle: Herndon, Virginia

Contact Via: [email protected] work (703)430-0770 week days,
home (703)476-5448 evenings, before 9:30 pm please.
Price: $38,500 or reasonable offer.
Mileage :139,706 Please keep reading this is a Mint well maintained NSX
Clean Title: is in hand with no liens.
Clean AutoCheck: Yes CarFax competitor shows 2 owners no accidents.
History of Accidents: Not to my knowledge.
History of Paint/Bodywork: Front and rear bumper covers were
painted, as they are perfect & can’t be
original. Maybe some other blending?

Maintenance History and Documentation: Yes as follows; This NSX-T has most all maintenance invoices and all original paper work from day one, after purchase from Chriswell Acura & Performance Cars of Annapolis Maryland. Included are even the Salesman & Service Advisors business cards. The invoices stand about one and a half inches tall. Oil changes were done with Mobile One 10w30; services were mostly done at Acura Dealerships and the Northern Virginia Performance Shop, Curry’s Automotive. I purchased this well set up NSX-T just over a year ago on June 1, 2010.
<O:p> </O:p>
Recent Maintenance / Current Condition of Wearable’s Very Good:
New set of Pirelli P Zero Nero Tires & full Alignment @ 133,122 miles.
Clutch Masters Kit, disc, pressure plate, aluminum flywheel @ 135,603 mi.
Timing belt kit, water pump, drive belts, coolant, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, CV boots, by Radley Acura, FallsChurch, Va @ 136,146 miles.
New Acura battery/hold down parts installed on 6/29/11 @ 139,405 miles.
Mobil One Oil w Acura filter & supercharger oil change @ 139,516 miles.
Va. Safety Inspection is fairly comprehensive 8/11/11 @ 139,704 miles.

Modifications: (no stock parts available)
The Comptech treatment was applied at 118,000 miles after a compression test & a cylinder leak down test showed the engine specifications as new, thanks to Mobile 1. Curry’s Automotive had their poached Acura trained Technician install:
Comptech Super Charger Kit with Aluminum Brace & fitted Roof Holder
Comptech Intake
Comptech Headers
Comptech Exhaust System
Mustang Dyno showed 359 HP @ 8,000 RPM, 251.0 Torque @ 6,750 RPM!
The total bill for this work parts and labor was $20,270.71
Clutch Masters FX100 kit with Aluminum Flywheel.
Pirelli P Zero Nero Tires - Front 215/40/17 - Rear 265/35/18 with
Blitz Wheels at a 3 ¾ inch ground clearance the car has a great stance.
IPOD stealth set up wired to stock sound sys w working rear 6 CD player
LO/JACK stolen vehicle recovery system.

Minor Problems:<O:p></O:p>
Two small paint chips on the trunk cover right front corner by the rear glass and a small nick on the adjacent quarter panel edge. Looks like a dropped wrench. The rest of the paint has no nicks or dings & metal is dead straight.<O:p></O:p>
<O:p> </O:p>
The blower motor only runs on full speed unless the on auto setting. EPS lamp just started to pop on at times (code 22). Larry Bastanza<O:p></O:p>
a Prime member can fix these circuit board problems cheaply, see his site http://nsxe-repair.com I just don’t have the time or energy right now.<O:p></O:p>
<O:p> </O:p>
Clutch chatter felt if launch is not perfect, Curry’s says it’s the Aluminum<O:p></O:p>
Flywheel and NSXPRIME has a lot of comments on this even with the stock factory set up. <O:p></O:p>
<O:p> </O:p>
Thanks for checking out my NSX-T. I have been honest with the great<O:p></O:p>
points about my car as well as with the few flaws. Overall it is one sweet<O:p></O:p>
ride with more than enough reliable power & handling to collect speeding<O:p></O:p>
tickets or get great comments at Cars and Coffee gatherings.<O:p></O:p>
<O:p> </O:p>
Fred <O:p></O:p>


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