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1998 NSX-T Red, Consider Trade JH4NA2166WT000043

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25 January 2005
Need to sell, will consider trade of any suv or car.

1998 NSX-T
Manual trans.
Price 45,000
Red with Tan Leather
Located in OH
36,000 miles
Email any offers to [email protected]
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Re: 1998 NSX-T Red, Consider Trade

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Hello. I see that you are interested in a trade. I have a 1999 Dodge Durango -Electric Blue. Contact me if interested. Thanks. [email protected]
Previous damage?

Recently you have inquired about needing a headlight assembly for this car. Can you provide details of why it was needed?
Re: Previous damage?

EssTooKayTD said:
I received an email back, I believe this car is now sold?
Is this car sold or not? Please reply per the marketplace rules (wherever they went).
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Car to trade for an M3 convertible with SMG, 19" wheels and much more?
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