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1999 NSX Zanardi Edition for Sale - $54,000

Dear lord what could I sell for $54,000......Hey does anyone need a kidney??

The Zanardi's only come in red right?
Not to start any flames, but since this thread will probably be removed by Lud and turned into a classified anyway, I thought I'd post my opinion.
(and probably light a few of you up
) I would definitely buy a Zanardi if it weren't for the red. I have to say that red is the only color that looks terrible on an NSX and why they'd do all of them in red is beyond me. I know, I know.... red is the ultimate sports car color, ya ya ya blah, blah , blah....... GAG. BUT, for 54k on a car that's been painted already.........hmmmmmm? That might be nice in Spa yellow with a black roof! Let me go calculate!!!!!!!!! Sorry guys, I know that I'm terribly opinionated.

Todd Arnold

It's interesting how different people's opinions can be when it comes to color.

There are colors of NSX that I think are absolutely gorgeous, that other people would never ever consider buying. And vice versa.

The same thing is true of my daily driver, which was offered in three colors, two of which I would never ever buy, and others have them and hate my color.

There's one thing I would add, though. If they're going to make a unique limited-edition model of some sort, they ought to offer at least one color that is unique to that model, regardless of whether it's available other colors. That way, when people see (for example) an Imola Orange NSX, they would know immediately that "that's a Zanardi!" Same way that, for example, you might never notice a black or white Integra Type R as being any different from a garden-variety Integra, but when you see a yellow Integra, you know it's a Type R.

BTW, Todd, all NSX's are Formula Red. The other ones are just mistakes.
Once again I agree with ken. I had a 95 probe GT in tangerine orange. I loved the color, many hated it and loved to say so. I always told them love it or hate it you had to look!!!!I had more looks in that then my NSX. Most of the people who would buy a Zanardi would want it in a unique color so everyone would know that it was a Zanardi. Maybe they would paint it tangerine orange. Now theres something I would sell a kidney for.
I have to say that red is the only color that looks terrible on an NSX and why they'd do all of them in red is beyond me.

Uh...huh? Excuse me? If red looks so terrible, then why did so many of us buy red? That's a new one. I don't think I've EVER heard someone dis red before.

I don't think ANY color looks terrible on the NSX.

My personal faves are New Formula Red, Formula Red, Spa Yellow Pearl, Kaiser Silver, Silverstone, and Berlina Black. Though I wouldn't consider owning colors other than my faves, I can't deny that the NSX still looks good in other hues.

Perhaps the Zanardi is in red because that's what Alex Zanardi wanted?

If you want a unique NSX, import a Type S Zero in Imola Orange Pearl.

'00 Acura NSX-T (red/black), '97 Honda Civic HX (black), '01 Lexus IS300 (black/black)
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You guys are fun. I was trying to say the same thing that the Zanardi should have a look all it's own. Not just another red two seater.

By the way, I hear that Honda only decided to make red because of the mundane American buyers who think that a sports car should be red 'cos they heard 'it was fasterest and stuff...' (ya, ya I know it is the lightest color and is the fastest.)

Try this test sometime. Get into a conversation about your car. The person can not have ever seen the car. Talk awhile about it or whatever then ask them to guess the color. 9 out of 10 guess the 'common' red. YAWN.

Todd Arnold


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Actually, when I bought my NSX, most guessed incorrectly. They expected black, not red.

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Originally posted by akira3d:
My personal faves are New Formula Red, Formula Red, Spa Yellow Pearl, Kaiser Silver, Silverstone, and Berlina Black.

Gasp!! No Monaco Blue or Monte Carlo Blue? You're breaking my heart.

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I've seen NSX's in all twelve colors.

Monte Carlo Blue is my personal fave.

Monaco Blue ranks twelfth on my list.

Sorry if that breaks your heart. It shouldn't do so for our host, though.
Well this thread has gone off on an interesting tangent! Anyhow my Zanardi (as in all of them of course) is bright beautiful arrest-me-red. Even though I would have prefered a different color (mainly for the "attention" it receives if you know what I mean) I must admit that I think it's absolutely stunning in that color.
For my color preferences, I would get black and only black if I had a NSX coupe. I don't like the black top to stand out, I personally think the NSX looks better when the color of the top matches the rest of the body. For a Targa, anything but black (I chose red myself) because I don't want anyone to mistake it for a coupe (when the top is on ofcourse), and because the Targas have color-matched roof. Like Akira I like all colors on the NSX, I just don't like it when it has a black top that doesn't match the rest of the body.

I have black and wouldn't get any other color, but oh man does it get hot inside! Black on black...!
Anyone have any clue as to how much it would cost to professionally paint a stock NSX in the Imola Orange Pearl S-Zero color??
I saw an NSX the other day with a comptech body kit and the metallic orange color found on the S zero. I was on the 110 harbor freeway in So Cal. That car was sooo awesome! Anyone know who owns that beast?

Hey Stew, have you driven a regular NSX-T? I was curious as to see how stiff the Zanardi is compared to the regular NSX. From what I read its suppose to be really really stiff, but want to get your perspective. Thanks.


Did you mean stiff as in the chassis or in the suspension? I haven't driven a "T" but I will comment on the Zanardi.

As far as the chassis, well I've never met a convertible or targa that felt anywhere as stiff as the coupe. I've heard that the NSX is no exception. With some targas, you can hear the squeaky sounds that the roof makes with the rest of the body.

As far as the suspension, the Zanardi is stiffer with better roll control than the standard models, and in my humble opinion just about right (although it could stand to lose some of it's understeer). Some people think it's too stiff; I disagree. I guess it depends on what you're used to and what floats your boat.