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2000 headers on my 92

7 February 2001
I just got a set of 2000 OEM headers to put on my 92. Other than the cats, what will I have to modify to make them fit? I know some of you said to get aftermarket headers, but at $200 I couldnt pass it up. I know that the newer system flows better than the cast iron ones I have now and any increase is better.thanks---Brett
noop, we're just angry with you for snatching the headers right before our noses on Ebay :)
I think the modification should be from the cats and behind.(sounds like the lot) I'm not 100% since I have never seen a -97 and up. but the cats and exhaust seems to be different. If you remove the cats maybe you can get a pair of custom cat-pipe that fits to your old exhaust.

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You should contact Mark Basch with Basch Acura. I believe he has done this modification before. His info can be found under vendor reviews at: www.NSXPrime.com/toc.htm

-- Chris


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What are the performance gains when using the 97- headers? How is it compared to aftermarket ones like comptech, dc, rm...