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2002 Front End upgrade already for sale!

rear conversions are also available for $2K (includes bumper, valance, tail-lamps, etc)

Manuel C

Interesting that the front conversion says "new hood and fenders are not needed". I would agree that the fenders on 91-01 cars are the same as 02, but the hood is clearly different. The headlamp units have a different outline to them.

Also, on the "rear" kit, they are leaving out the trunklid lip spoiler.

Finally, why has the rear 3/4 view photo been flipped horizontally?

I'd stay away from this place.

Originally posted by NSXnBRLA:
They are saying the hood and fenders are NOT needed for this upgrade. I though I had heard differently.

Apparently, the Honda parts database shows that the '02 hood carries the same part number as the '91-01 hood. As best anyone can determine at this point in time, it appears to be the result of an error in the database.

In addition, there are some changes that are necessary to the headlight cavities and that's why the fenders are different.