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2002 GPW NSX Build Up

Feeling the red carpet, that was a nice tweak, but personally I would have left the white interior trim. Goes well with the exterior. Each to their own though.
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So today was the day I decided to gut my ivory interior and go with a red/black setup. Trying to source black interior parts was a bit tricky but I was able to find a German vendor who has all sorts of parts of nsx. I also found a fellow nsx owner in norcal who had a salvage yard who also had a good selection of parts as well. I was able to purchase all the rear bulkheads, door panels and trim along with the misc buttons and levers.

Some photos of the car's ivory interior
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As far as the carpet goes, I read a lot of good things about the TFent carpet and was lucky when a fellow prime member was selling his locally. So with all the pieces in hand, I was ready to start the conversion.

Here are some photos of the night a few buddies came over to help gut her. The last one is a test fit of the seats inside the car.... made me cry
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As I started to rip out my interior (which took about an hour and a half with a buddy, thanks Tim), I realized that ivory interior was basically worthless since I cant think of one person who would say, "You know what, I really need Ivory carpet"... lol. So I had an epiphany, ivory would be the best color to dye because it is the lightest color of all the oem carpets. So I decided to do some research and found a lot of guys on HondaTech dyed their carpets black and got good results. So I figured, sure why not? They are gonna get trashed or thrown away anyways.
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So went to Walmart and grabbed every bottle of Red I could find. Cherry red was the one by my Walmart. I know from online that they also had Crimson red. I think this one is slightly darker but its all relative as you can dilute different amounts to get a desired result.

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I found a large plastic bucket (I think 22 or 32 gallons) and hooked up my hose to my hot water tank and filled it up according to the instructions. I think I used 3 bottles of RIT Dye and 3 cups of vinegar. I cleaned my carpet cause it was dirty and because the carpet is nylon, vinegar was recommended. (I have read that many people leaving their carpets in the dye for a day or two but the instructions specifically say that anymore time past an hour is basically a waste of time as the dye will no longer be able to be absorbed). So I started...

All 4 pieces fit the tub just barely so I had to keep rotating the carpets to get even coverage. Did this for an hour and then I rinsed all over my yard. My neighbors giving me a crazy look... perhaps it was my jumpsuit? Turned out awesome except for one thing... the mixture made it look like a royal red (maroon and purple-ish). It was a nice color but I wanted it to be more like the Recaro Red which was brighter red. So after all the hard work I put in, I was left in a pickle. Leave it the way it is or I can go back to the store and buy some orange dye and try to balance the dark purple tones out to a deep red. It was a gamble as I didnt know if color mixing on dried carpet would result in the theory I had in my head.

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11/24/13: Next day, being the anal bastard I am, I decided the next to go for it and buy the orange dye to try and "neutralize" the red. Basically had to do take out everything again, hose, water heater, vinegar etc. The tricky part was trying to figure out how much orange to use. I decided on one bottle as 3 bottles of red was heavy. After a few mins, I could already tell that the purpish tones were going away and it looked really good. After 20 mins of rotating, I realized that the orange was becoming a lot stronger so I pulled it right away and started the rinse. Again my neighbors are looking at me strange.
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*Side note, what was even funnier was when I had to dump the red dye the day before. Instructions say that it is safe to pour down drain but I didnt want to stain my bathrooms and potentially spill everywhere. So I loaded it on a dolly and wheeled it to the nearest storm drain. I got some cardboard to keep the dye from staining the concrete red (because it will) and started to pour it in my crazy man jumpsuit. Again neighbors are looking at me like I just liquified a person in acid like Breaking Bad. LOL!
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End result, the color was awesome... slightly darker than my Recaro's but that was fine. I know that even if they were the same color, the carpets would always look darker cause its always in the shadows. I did notice a few spots were the orange dye didnt perfectly absorb but I was ok with it since they were under the seat or floor mats. Here are some of the photos of the finished product and with them installed in my car. Will follow up with the ivory components in another post.
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Love your car, and I love the thinking outside the box in dyeing the carpets.....I went from tan to black, but bought someone elses black carpet instead of dyeing mine black. I did however dye the rear interior pieces. I bought/traded my biege carpeted doors for all black 2005 perforated ones......I may dye my old biege carpet red and switch out depending on my mood...thanks again for posting, car is going to be off the hook nice, when you get done.....
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Loved reading your story, it was exciting going through it! I would've loved to go on a nice long trip like that with my friends and drive her home! Awesome work so far, she is very beautiful! B-)