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2003 NSX JH4NA21683T000041 salvage, info?

never seen the car, but i do know that it was not salvaged due to damage to a side skirt. This is saying a 500.00 part salvaged a 60K car. does that seem plausible .. would feel much better if i new more of the story....
never seen the car, but i do know that it was not salvaged due to damage to a side skirt. This is saying a 500.00 part salvaged a 60K car. does that seem plausible .. would feel much better if i new more of the story....

I think the owner was describing where the car was hit, as opposed to say the front or rear of the car. He didn't specifically say that was the only part replaced. I'd also agree that it's just annoying when more information isn't posted up front.
i spoke to him a while back and he told me that all that was damaged was the side skirt...

sorta hard to believe as well that just the side skirt would make a car salvaged..... !?
Dont know any particulars...period but I have seen many salvaged vehicles that were described as "side skirt" when the floor pan was pushed in hence auto shop claiming a loss ( we have had to cut out several pans in the skirt to door area and weld in a new pan -----again dont know just a thought.
I seriously doubt the side skirt was the only part that was hit. Consider the height of the NSX. Only an RC car can hit the NSX and not damage anything but the side skirt.

I think what may have happened is that the car ran up a curb or ran off road. This caused damage to the side skirt, but may have also damaged under-body components; suspension components; wheels (hence why it has aftermarket wheels).

I would watch out for this car, and make sure you get a full inspection. Personally, I wouldn't touch it.
Can a car be salvaged if there is airbag deployment?..... Can someone in California check a car out for me in LA.... can a side skirt deply a airbag is this possible guys?
I like how the ad says "whole car has original paint every panels", yet it's been salvaged. This one stinks like.........Well you know what I mean.
You guys are more knowledgable when it comes to Salvage..Im in Canada and I guess ignorant to this..The ownere told me factory paint EXCEPT the side skirt..but air bags were deployed,,I do not want to get falmed here as a newbie but is there any chance in hell running up a curb could deploy AB'S?

He told me all panels have vin numbers which doesn't mean there were repainted..... We have different laws for salvage and I have heard some states right off anything....sorry guys for the ignorance here
A salvage title in the States usually means that it would be cheaper for the insurance company to total the car (salvage title, part it out/junk it) and cut you a check than repair it at a body shop.

I would guess fire and/or frame damage....or perhaps it was sunk in a lake.

On a 2003 that would mean a huge $$$ loss. That must have been a solid gold side skirt.
thats something you definitley have to check in person and take it to acura for a full inspection to see exactly what happend, before checking it out id ask for pics of vin's on the bumpers/fenders/qtr's/doors/hood, and then i would personaly check out the car from the bottom and remove the sideskirt.

its a shame to see a blue interior in such crappy shape in such a crappy car:frown:
So no one knows this NSX?

Anyone local that can take a look?

Do not really care about the salvage title for its sake only. Will drive the car often as well as track it so not looking for a undriven garage trophy.

hello. welcome to forum.

just let u know. iam a nsx salvage owner. bought for a reasonable price.
it's not really that scary. previous owner found a good body shop to repair its damage. now, Glendale acura dealer told me that my nsx is in a very good condition because prevous owner didn't mess up. the best way is that you need to let the current owner bring the car into acura dealer. let their merchanic check everything for you. it wont take more than 4 hrs.
from the mileage, yr, you dont worry about its TB,WP, and clutch. basically i think his body may get damaged before. seems like everything looks good except his sideskirt. it wont be a big $$ to get it done. if you want to buy something good without headache late, just owner bring it to acura dealer. i am sure that they will do a check for you.