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2017 River Run

Thank You Mark, Sue and Bob M. for a beautiful run. Excellent choice of roads.
Nice to see some flashes from the past like Bruce, Miriam, Aaron, Rob, Simon, Andrea, Nancy, Bling and Glenn. And to enjoy a chat with a new face in Gary at lunch (you chose the right color w/Silverstone.) :smile::smile:
great day for a river run...nice to catch up with peeps!! thx mark,sue,bob!!
Thanks M&S (plus all others involve who I don't know were or can't remember names of) for Grand Day!:smile: I can appreciate all the prep work and thought that was required. End result was well worth it... in spite of excessive rain ride to get to the starting point. Fortunately the skies started to clear as Bob and I got close to Panera. The road choices were excellent! I'm bummed it takes almost 200 miles to get to the starting point, else I'd be doing some of them more frequently. I really enjoyed meeting a bunch of friendly and interesting new car people and seeing all of their auto eye candy. Wish there was more non drive social time to meet and chat with many I missed.
(It would have been helpful if we filled out name tags with our cars info to help put names on faces plus their ride together)
Having Sue ride shotgun was a treat on the last leg. Mark will owe me big if that ride helps him get that Red '17 he's been fantasizing over!