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2022 NSX Type S Registry

This car from Orlando, Florida. Great to meet you also !

Awesome, love the blue Type-S! Super rare color and our favorite one...keep in touch if you need anything for your car, glad to help, we've done a few of this color, check this one out:

#285 checking in. I see someone spotted my car on YouTube shorts. On the tracker my interior is only partially correct.
Following the update to the tracker back in May 23, car #285, 19UNC1B04NY000285 has been visually confirmed with red leather and Ebony Alcantara inserts seat configuration along with the optioned Long Beach Blue Pearl color upgrade, light weight package, red calipers, Berlina Black Gloss wheels and XM radio build selections. Estimated MSRP is $187,495. New pictures posted by @crawleyatl, @simon_mendoza_photos, and @subtle.blur on Instagram. Last seen at the Caffeine and Octane event Dec '22.
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TGIF! Here's another rare Nouvelle Blue Pearl, I found a couple of months ago, lucky car #013, 19UNC1B04NY000013. This was the 2nd NBP to come off the production line and one of only 14 in this color from the 350 Type S cars produced. Pictures were posted back on March 15th of this year at the ordering dealership, Gary Force Acura in Brentwood Tennessee. Early on in the tracking process, some may recall this was initially labeled as a LBBP car because many of the dealer postings didn't indicate which blue this car was painted. Oh well. None the less, this one is configured to the maximum with the lightweight package, Berlina black rims to match the black calipers. Believe it or not, #013 has a twin, car number #276 with the exact same configuration. Imagine having a pair of these in your garage! Oh, let's not forget the ever-popular XM radio option and the shark fin antenna as seen in the Birdseye picture of the engine bay. All photos are courtesy of Gary Force Acura.

Today I decided to check out Ebay for any postings. Ebay is not my normal routine for finding NSX type S cars. But unexpectedly, I ran across car #200, 19UNC1B03NY000200. I've been collecting pictures of this car for some time. I have shots of the car at the dealership, Karen Radley Acura and when the car was shipped to the owner and even nice photos of it at the Cars and Coffee Morrisville. I've been busy lately and still need to catchup on all the missing photo montages on Prime. I'll admit, I was a little bummed to see this car up for sale given the limited availability of the Gotham Gray Matte Metallic finish. This car came off the production line about the middle of August 2022 and a total vehicle price of $192,495. It has full leather Ebony seats, lightweight package, Alcantara instrument visor, Berlina Black wheels over red calipers and the technology package with XM radio. Picture credits includes @gotham_nsx in Cars and Coffee Morrisville with @marcus_nc1, and @prestons_shotz plus pro shot from Jared Trescott @jstphto. For those that are interested, the seller is iLusso Exotics Miami, the buy it now price is $271,900 and it has traveled a mere 629 miles. Very tempting.

Just an FYI for those watching or new to this thread, I do update the photos in previous postings when I have improved or more comprehensive view for a particular NSX Type S. Someday we'll have a complete set, I hope.
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97NSXer Thanks for all your work on keeping track of these cars. I noticed that 244 Orange came up for sale but on the Type S tracker, vin 244 is yellow.

So maybe we have one less Indy yellow and one more Thermal orange on the total cars produced.
To be fair that site you listed has both colors in the pics...I would err on the side of the guy from the Bay..
97NSXer Thanks for all your work on keeping track of these cars. I noticed that 244 Orange came up for sale but on the Type S tracker, vin 244 is yellow.

So maybe we have one less Indy yellow and one more Thermal orange on the total cars produced.
@red-nsx, thanks for finding and posting the listing. All indication points to a bad VIN in the listing. This has happened many times before. If you look at all the pictures on the dealer's website, the last one is of the window sticker (see below). It's hard to read but there are two values most important to identifying the car, one is the Dealer name, who ordered the car, and two the actual VIN. (Credit for the photo goes to Motorpoint Roswell where the car is listed.) If you zoom in on the lower left, its fuzzy, but you can see the last 3 digits of the VIN is definitely not 244. It hard to see but it does indicate 17...something. It looks like a 3 but who knows, it could be an 8 or 5. Let's look at the ordering dealer, its clearly Grieco Acura. Good news. Grieco Acura got only one allocation. Yep, its car #173 and not surprisingly its Thermal Orange Pearl as again listed on the window sticker. It corresponds to the tracker. Now that is solved, what is car number 244? See next post. :)


But since I am here, let's post the montage for car #173, 19UNC1B04NY000173. A while ago, I found a video by Nouan Phasouk@nouanphasouk7109 and created some still shots showing #173 at the dealership when it was first sold (note license dealer ad plate). Not the best pictures, however, but it was a start. I've added a couple of the pics from the listing to round it out. Options wise, #173 was built not only with the flaming orange paint job but with the matching orange calipers and the light-weight package, Orchid seat option, Berlina Gloss Black wheels and the technology package with the XM radio. The MSRP is $187,495. The interior shot confirms the Alcantara instrument hoodie. This car at the time of the listing has traveled a whopping 339 miles.


One last point made by @docjohn, this could be an error by the dealership either listing the wrong picture or the wrong VIN. If the window sticker is for the car listed than the VIN is absolutely wrong. However, if they do have #244 for sale, then the pictures are wrong. Who knows but with the window sticker and the previously captured stills, car #173 has definitely been confirmed. Now....what about #244? Read on.
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Drum roll please......for you viewing pleasure, may I present car #244, 19UNC1B01NY000244! The first pictures of #244 showed up late last year at Katies Coffee House in Virgina courtesy of @gravymassage (confirmed by registration data). And again, seen in a photo on delivery at DCH Montclair Acura. I did add some of the posting from the dealer listing to the montage mentioned above. Nice to have some interior shots. This beauty was ordered in Indy Yellow Pearl, produced in mid-September 2022 with full leather Ebony seats, light-weight package with red calipers, the technology package with the XM radio and Glossy Berlina Black rims. Estimated MSRP is $188,495.

To be fair that site you listed has both colors in the pics...I would err on the side of the guy from the Bay..
Turns out if you go to www.autoblog.com, they show a significant number of pictures (56 in total) for the listing. More than cars.com or the dealership itself. Most are of #244 and only a few of #173. When looking closely at the engine badge picture, you can see reflections of the Indy Yellow Pearl paint.

So since delivery my steering wheel was off to the left ever so slightly. I was told that there were alignment issues known to be caused by the delivery with wheel straps. So I had the alignment done and indeed it was out of spec front and rear, shims had to be overnighted and all is well. I'll post the specs once I get them.
So since delivery my steering wheel was off to the left ever so slightly. I was told that there were alignment issues known to be caused by the delivery with wheel straps. So I had the alignment done and indeed it was out of spec front and rear, shims had to be overnighted and all is well. I'll post the specs once I get them.

I'm at 4500 miles, my alignment is off too
as promised steering wheel is now on center.


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The latest on another JDM "Honda" NSX Type S. Already tracked with one of the limited Gotham Gray Metallic Matte paint scheme, car #316, NC1-1500016 was captured by a set of video clips on Instagram back in February this year. I finally sat down and built a collage of images from @honda_hiroshima_saijochuou artistic videos. Not the best pictures but you can clearly see the 316/350 engine badge, light-weight package, red leather with ebony Alcantara insert seats, Belina Black gloss rims, and plenty of Honda badging. Great to see the matching license plate.

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Looking for a brand-new Acura NSX Type-S and still available from an Acura dealership? Although there are still several available even today, as many as 5 that I am aware of, most don't proactively advertise nor show actual details on their website. But for car #197, 19UNC1B07NY000197, it is still for sale at a reported price of $350,000 according to @neuronbob this time last year. It is still listed at Motorcars Acura in Bedford Ohio. Built in August 2023 with the very flashy Curva Red color. The seats are wrapped in full ebony leather and complemented with the Berlina Black gloss wheels over red calipers and carbon ceramic rotors for maximum stopping potential. As you can see in the Build Summary picture, a nice touch on the window display is the technology package with the very popular XM radio :devilish:). Estimated MSRP is $187,495.

Just ran across another interesting find. Car #291, 19UNC1B0XNY000291, caught me off guard. Here's another fully wrapped machine that has completely changed from full color Casino White Pearl to absent of color with a matte black wrap. Fortunately, I captured a complete set of pictures when this car was new and sitting at the dealership, Sterling McCall Acura. It is now up for sale at Ilusso in Palm Beach, FL. There are many more pics on their website, but here's one that best show off the color change. Not my thing but the wrap appears to be done well. There are no photos of the door jams though.

#291 now has 880 miles on the clock and listed for $244,999. When it was delivered to Sterling McCall Acura in Houston Texas back early November 2022, it was kicked around for another month until it landed at Lawrence Motorsport in Arizona with 232 miles on it. This montage shows the Type S in both locations where you can see all the ordered options by the first owner including red leather with ebony Alcantara insert seats, lightweight package with red calipers and Berlina Black Gloss wheels, the XM radio/technology package and it's tough to see but (as expected) it has the Alcantara covered instrument visor. MSRP was $187,495.

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Recent activity for car #104, 19UNC1B07NY000104, has picked up. Last time I saw it, this car was sitting up for sale at Walker Acura a month ago. #104 was originally sold at the same dealership just over a year ago. It is currently listed at Bring-A-Trailer. A treasure trove of pictures is there for those that are interested in seeing more including many of the collectables provided by PMC and the dealership to the owner. The montage was built from pictures of the listing at Walker Acura with 204 miles on the clock. It has the full complement options starting with Red leather seats and Casino White Pearl paint. Interestingly, this was the first of three cars built in a row on the production line with same exterior color. It appears PMC would attempt to group cars by color. I am guessing to streamline production. The highest number of cars in the same color was four that occurred only ten cars later starting with #114 painted in Valencia Red Pearl. #104 popped off the assembly line at the beginning of May 2022, arrived at the dealership three weeks later and completed PDI on May 24, 2022. The owner put a little over 200 miles before putting it back up for sale one year later in September 2023. Additional options include the lightweight package with red calipers, and the technology package. The instrument visor is covered in Alcantara with the usual red stitching. MSRP is $186,995.

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Car #026, 19UNC1B02NY000026, finally crossed my radar. YouTube contributor, @calebdrury, did an opinion piece of a buddy's car located in Ohio. It provided enough stills (some not so in focus, ugh) for a complete montage, and a couple of additions from @CarFan10 with some improved angles. Probably, the most interesting discovery is the confirmation of full ebony leather seats and the carbon fiber dash hoodie over the instrument cluster. Again, its expected for early production cars selected with the lightweight package. This Type S is maxed out in black/ebony options including black calipers, the second most popular color compared to red. However, this is one of few cars without the XM radio option. MSRP is estimated at $186,995. Production was the second half of January 2022 and delivery was made to Jeff Wyler Acura of Dayton.

Car #226, 19UNC1B0XNY000226 is quietly back up for sale at Jay Wolfe Acura. I've been watching for this car for some time now. The first set of pictures were courtesy of Omar Stigler @stig_22 back in March 2022. But unfortunately, I still did not have clear pictures of the wheels or shots of the interior until today. Several of the for-sale tracking sites now has it listed. Interestingly though, Jay Wolfe Acura does not show it on their website. :unsure: I have my theories, but I am sure those that track this thread have already come to the same conclusions. However, the advantage to the buyer is the availability of a brand-new, first owner of a car nearly one year after production ended. #226 is one of only 31 Type S cars painted in the Valencia Red Pearl color. I rediscovered a nice article and video over at honda-tech.com describing the Andaro painting process at the PMC factory. Here's a very impressive quote from the article regarding the depth of paint on the gen-2 NSX. "With his [Cameron Aubernon] handy paint depth meter on hand, he measures the standard NSX paint, which comes in at a respectable 7 to 8 millimeters. The $700 premium colors have a depth of 9 to 10 millimeters, which is pretty good, but not as good as the Andaro. The intense paint package tops the depth chart at a gob-smacking 16 to 17 millimeters. Not a bad way to cap off an already amazing work of art like the second-gen NSX." This car passed through the paint booth in early September 2022 and was the 23rd VRP car off the assembly line. Other options selected were the ebony leather with Alcantara seats, the lightweight package with the shark gray matte wheels and red calipers. Late in the production run, this car has the technology package with the XM radio option. The estimated MSRP is $190,995.

Happy Saturday! Here's one more of the 24 Thermal Orange Pearl and the 6th USDM TOP off the production line, #071, 19UNC1B07NY000071. This montage captures the delivery of this Type S back in April 2022 to Chevy Chase Acura. Arriving fully wrapped from PMC on the transport, the team at the dealership removed the protective covering. It took some serious investigation but pictures of #071 was also found at a local detailer showing it getting the hood/bonnet PPF covering. Rounding out the day in the life for this Type S is picture on the showroom floor. As for the configuration, it was configured with the lightweight package and Shark Gray Matte rims over orange calipers. This is only one of 19 cars with the matching-colored calipers, the rarest of the brake colors. Although difficult to see, the seats are wrapped in semi-aniline full leather ebony seats. It is also one of the few without the XM radio roof mounted antenna. Estimated MSRP comes in at $186,495.

Found another Nouvelle Blue Pearl Type S in the wild. This one lives in greater Detroit, Michigan area and first arrived at Jeffery Acura dealership. A lead to its existence came from social media contributor, @the_unofficial_nsx_registry but the pictures couldn't confirm many of the options on the car nor yield a comprehensive montage. Until recently, additional pictures and a video were finally found posted by the dealership and @drf.dte, respectively. #124, 19UNC1B02NY000124 was the 6th NBP off the production line. Accenting the red calipers, Berlina black gloss rims and light weight package is the red leather with ebony Alcantara insert seats. The interior picture shows the Alcantara covered instrument binnacle. Based on the Type S registry we have to date, one of the last cars with a CF binnacle was #091. The next car with a confirmed Alcantara binnacle is car #105. The XM radio antenna can be seen and is known to have the technology package. Estimated MSRP is $192,495.

Back in July 2023, some of you might remember seeing a LBBP Type S up on blocks in the SFO short term parking. Its still shocks me to see such a beautiful car teetering on a set of bricks. Recently, I found a higher resolution picture that allowed me to see enough of the plates and determine this is car #163, 19UNC1B01NY000163. I was certain that one of the Bay Area Acura dealers had to be one of the lucky few with an allocation. Turns out it was from Los Gatos Acura. So now the hunt was on to find a complete set of pictures. Fortunately, I ran across a video Reel from a shop in Redwood City (north of Los Gatos), SS Customs. And lo and behold, if you zoom in to the upper picture in the montage, you'll find the dealer's registration information packet on the windshield which clearly shows "Los Gatos Acura". The only missing view is of the interior, but that same shot of the windshield shows the red leather with ebony Alcantara insert seatings. Now you can see the rims were Berlina Black Gloss wheels. The lightweight package was selected with red calipers and the XM roof antenna can be seen in the upper right image. Estimated MSRP was $187,495. #163 rolled off the production line in the last week of June 2022. Also note the one shot at the dealership post PDI.

Hello, I been following your thread for the last 6 months..
I ready to finalized a deal for # 291
Vin 19UNC1B0XNY000291
At first I thought it was black and the seller never stated it was actually white until I notice that the black was matte.
Then he replied and stated it was actually white.
Does anyone have the history in the car?