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Type S NSX on BAT

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Well, it did not take too long before someone (Dealer) put a Type S NSX for sale. Should draw a lot of interest. Shame to the dealer for not letting a devoted NSX fan purchase this car.

Beautiful car. Looks like it will eventually go to a NSX fan for way more than MSRP, even though I suspect nobody got one of these for MSRP.
I wonder if the S will ever trickle down to MSRP or even below? With only 350 produced, probably not...
At this point I think we just need to view dealers truly as not having a connection to the MFG aside from getting first in line for allotments. It seems MFGs have no control over their cars once they leave the factory regarding allocation, pricing, or warranty (unless someone really escalates things).

This dealer is basically just flipping a Type S because they will get more money than if they tried to sell it locally.
The car is on consignment at Graham Rahal Performance not a franchised dealer. The original owner, a Montana LLC, is the one doing the flipping not the dealer. Using a Montana LLC to register a car is common - Google Montana car registration and you will see why.
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I wonder if the S will ever trickle down to MSRP or even below? With only 350 produced, probably not...
I think you're right. These things became a vehicle (no pun) for investment as soon as Mother Honda decided to serialize them with a plaque and limit them to 350.
Pretty common for one dealer to do something for another dealer

The Arkansas dealership where the car was delivered to is owned by Penske, and the car seems to have been in/through Rahal's hands

Penske and Rahal are not strangers
I love the Montana 1% er stroke thyself LLC...🥴
RaHal has a home near one of my good buddies In California. He says that Rahal typically buys these types of cars and then dumps them when he feels the price is right. He had done this recently with a Ford GT. He also had several of the last Honda S2000s. It will be interesting to see what kind of price it fetches.
Here is the Honda S2000 that he recently sold. Check out the price. WOW

Here is a list of some of the cars he has sold via BAT
Here is the Ford GT he sold on BAT
i do not think he personally buys them. The Rahal's are multiple dealership and franchise owners, you figure out the rest.


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a week after the Rahal #96 Type S came to BaT, another was put up for auction. The bidding ended at $235,000 on January 25 at 12:17pm where the reserve was not met. It was car number 272, 19UNC1B06NY000272. Painted in Casino White Pearl, lightweight package, red calipers, Berlina Black Gloss wheels, red Alcantara interior and XM radio options. This car was produced in Nov 2022 and at the time of the auction traveled 204 miles since new. Look closely, the front license plate holder was mounted by the dealership. Here's some PICs:


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