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2022 Type R rumors

21 July 2020
Strangest thing today. Ran into a random Honda employee at a local car spot.

They mentioned they are working on the 2022 NSX.

Did not come right out and answer any questions I. specifics but said the Type R is a go for 2022.

I asked if it was going to have the rumored 680hp with more battery assist and they said not far off. Double the output from the current e-assist - said maybe a little more. Told them sign me up !!!!

I gave some feedback to take back to Ohio about being more mod / tuner friendly as I would love to swap the turbos hahah.

Aside from the NSX, the next “slowest” car with us was a 765 with the average hp being in the 1000+ range including some Huracans, R8s, GTRs, Hellcats, etc.

If this is true I’ll take one !!!

Now if I can just get the GT3 widebody ….
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