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2nd NSX

29 March 2005
Dallas, TX
It's great to finally have one again. I had a 95, but unfortunately (due to my stupidity), I totaled it. A couple of days ago I just got a '91 Red/Black, 26k miles, for $30,500 from a local dealer. I don't think it was as good as a deal as my first NSX, but is it a fair price? It is in excellent condition, though now it does need a new clutch :frown: . Anyway, it's great to finally have one again!
Congrat's and welcome back.

How's the maintenance on your car? My unsolicited advice is to spend a bit of money now getting all preventitive maintenance done so that you don't have to spend a ton of money later.

We recently purchased our NSX (1998 w/ 42K) and while there were no issues, we paid a grip of cash to have the timing belt, water pump, all hoses, plugs, gaskets, fluids, etc. done. Basically, a 90K mile service plus the timing belt and water pump plus some other stuff just so I have the piece of mind that I'm basically starting with a fresh car. I'm starting on a new car maintenance schedule so that I change the Mobil 1 every 3,750 and then no big services for a while (other than tires, the brakes and the inevitable clutch). It wasn't cheap, but every time I zing up to redline I do so with confidence. Plus.. the car ran great before... it runs even better now.
Yes, I have noticed a couple of differences. The 91 seems to handle better, and feels more strong. Though I miss having a red roof and a targa, I'm getting used to it (It's still an NSX!). Does anyone know how much it would cost to color-match the roof? Thanks.
Oh, and to answer your other question...I was driving too fast, tried to avoid debris in the road, lost control, hit a curb, jumped up about 2 or 3 feet in the air, spun a couple times, flew over 3 lanes, landed on the left rear wheel (axle broke), and stopped when I hit a rail road track.
LOL, that would do it. It the kinda car though that will shock you as when it lets go it really tends to get in a spin quick that hard to recover from. I guess i's the low polar moment of interia from being mid engine.

I have 95 targa and have only driven an 91 once but not at speed. But I really like the targa option, especially for just cruisen around the down or the beach in the summer. I think I like it more than I thought it would over time. I far as painting the roof, I think it's been discussed before, just do search for it. I think it was under a $1,000 though for a good job.
Congrats on being back behind the wheel of an NSX. Try and keep this one on the road, and not so airborne. ;)