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4.7 Ring and Pinion Kit

3 June 2005
Bought my 91' NSX 5 speed Black over red about 2 weeks ago. Love the looks and handling but very disapointed with performance compared to my last car ( 92 JDM prelude 215 bhp,4.7 R+P, weight reduction). Brought both of them to local racing circuit which is fairly tight and twisty and the prelude was much faster. Could'nt get the NSX out of 2nd on the straight (prelude was well into 4th) and the prelude was nearly 20 mph faster at the end of the straight.

Engine needs more power (totally stock including original cats and headers from 91') and weight will be reduced but weakest link is definitely the ratios in the transmission which are very long. I have fitted R+P kits into my last 3 cars and really rate them.they make a huge difference to the acceleration. I bought all them from Vince in Circuitworx and found the service and product excellent. Vince has agreed to make a custom 4.7 R+P kit for my NSX which should transform the abilities of the car. Vince used to make them years ago and would be interested in producing them again if any of you are interested. I reckon 4.7 R+P kit would be similiar to 4.5 R+P + JDM short gear set except it will be easier to install and much cheaper.

If anyone is interested please contact vince at [email protected] . His web is www.circuitworx.com .
I need an oe R+P from a 90-94 transmission to get vince started. If anyone has 1 of these will they contact me please(anyone who has fitted the 4.5 R+P should have the oe unit). Vince will need it for 2-3 weeks for measurements and matching. it will not be damaged or fitted and will be returned promptly. I do not expect this for free so please contact me with your reasonable offers.

any advice or comments for me are also welcome.