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6/27 John Vasos ACC Endurance Karting Event

21 October 2007
Storage, WI
Hello All,

When: Sunday June 27, 2021 at 1PM

What: 90 Minute Team Endurance Karting Race

Where: Autobahn Country Club Karting Track

Who: You and your team of 3

Why: All proceeds to benefit John Vasos because #cancersucks

Cost: $500/team

Please RSVP here on this thread or on the Facegroup thread regarding this event. More details to follow including arrive time and driver's meeting info.

Thank you all for supporting our local NSX legend and thank you to Joe Simon and our ACC friends for organizing this.

what's going on with John?
thank you for that link....prayers to John and his family...I know all too well what he is battling
I've been cautiously suspect of sites like gofundme..and am ambivalent to folks asking the internet for $....but I'm happy to give to John because he is a natural giver as long as I've known him...He always went above and beyond for anyone who came to him with a problem.The amount of work his teams did at various xpos pro bono speaks volumes....
Karting event was a blast...there were some folks that came down from north of the...

How was the carting event?

border with semi-pro drivers (or so I heard) so they whipped up on us. Not that it would have helped my team. We were slow, slow, slow.

It was fun to catch up with so many other folks and now that I am without an NSX...it made me want to get back in real quick.

There is flyer around here somewhere with all the signatures for John. I think there were seven teams that raised funds for him. Autobahn Karting was quite gracious in donating the time for this event.