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25 April 2005
Western PA

I'm trying to get a feel for some prices on a 6-speed transmission.

New/Used (would prefer VERY low miles though) - doesn't matter what R/P.

I have a '92 in snap ring range with ~65k miles. At the time I bought the car, it didn't bother me. Now some preventative maintenance has been on my mind. Especially if it fails and will be down for a few weeks while I weigh my options, have things shipped, and then getting them installed.

So, instead of doing a 5-speed with short gears, why not just go for a 6-speed conversion? If the 6-speed has a 4.23 R/P option, it would help acceleration times too (and not cruising at 4500 RPM's doing 80 MPH on the highway like a 5-speed with the 4.23).

I know I'll have to get the reverse lockout, and I'll probably get the NSX-R shaft because I like the OEM clutch.

Thank you,