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80k miles good buy?

80K miles is fine for a 91 if it is in good condition. If it has been taken care of, it will run for 200K+ with few problems.
You can also get it for a few thousand less than a similar 91 with under 50K.
I would rather buy an NSX with 100K+ in good condition than one with 50K that has not been maintained. Do some research and check Carfax.
You can get a stock 91 with 80K miles for low 30s or high 20s depending on condition.
One with low mileage and in good shape will be closer to mid 30s.
Depends on the price. If I were selling the car myself I think a fair price would be:

$32k-$33k if I had all the books on the car.
$28k-29k if not.

Thats assuming that the car is in great shape. There are lots of '91s with <50k miles selling in the $32k-$35k range which puts pressure on anything with semi-high miles.
Through my research... and I have been tracking these cars for a while. If you are looking at a car with 80K, you should not pay more than 30K. You can find quite a few 91-92's with 60-70K for 29-32 range. If it is an auto, you can take off another 2 grand.

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I was in your exact position last September.
I took the plunge on a Black 91 with 86k.
I paid $25,500, knowing I was definately going to do a timing belt & water pump replacement right away. So if I were you that is what I'd be thinking. Hope this helps.
NetViper is correct. The only BUT is if YOU are looking for specific mods. Although they will never sell for what the mods cost, if you are looking for specific mods like wheels, exhaust, headers, gears, etc.. it may be worth an extra couple grand for you.
If you are in love with a 91/92 with mods that you KNOW you will end up paying for, it could save you money in the long run by paying a little more up front.

I payed 34K for my 92 NSX when I could have probably found one for a a couple grand less. However, it had nice wheels, an exhaust, intake, and a sweet stereo system.
I would have done this myself regardless, so instead of paying over 5K myself down the road, I spent the extra couple grand and saved some money. (wheels 3K, exhaust 1K, stereo at least 1K, ect).

For example, my NSX may not be worth 34K to many, but 31/32K. However, for someone who is planning on getting a 4.55R&P (about 2.5-3K installed) in addition to all the other mods, it may be worth the extra 2K to save them 5K+ in the long run.
And NO the R&P is not for sale... away vultures.

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I bought mine with 77,000 miles paid just under 30k three owners all records no accidents close to perfect condition. All it needed was the six year service all belts hoses seals etc that bill was $1,800 though just so you know. I'm really happy I bought the NSX and hope to have it for a long time so dont let the mileage scare you.

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5-6 owners and 3-4 states is very typical for these kinds of cars. Many people just buy it for the hell of it and then sell when they realize they don't drive it. Or, they buy it and sell when they realize they can't afford it. With those miles, I wouldn't pay more than 28-29k for it.
thanks a lot everyone! the consensus is pretty much in line with what i was thinking. it does have some mods that i was looking to add which really made me consider it. it does, however, have a pretty interesting history, several states, several owners, even dealer auctions. but i am going to take it to acura and have them run a pre-purchase check. well, thanks again! i'll hopefully be joining the club in a few days!