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9006 Convert to D2S HID bulbs


15 July 2009
Guys I have had a H.I.D 9006 Kit on my NSX for some time now.

but it takes about 5-6 seconds to reach the full HID burn.

now I have been reading about people that have rebased the D2S bulbs to fit the 9006 Housing and they are very expensive
I have seen a pair run close to 1200 bucks, No thanks

So I purchased an expensive set from an Online store waiting waiting man I should have a tracking number by now checked my Paypal and the guy refunded my cash back, I am out of the states will be back in a few months???:eek: are you kidding me? I said screw it I will make one myself.

and everyone knows I love OEM

so here is the steps to convert a D2S bulb to fit perfectly into a 9006 Socket. get ready for the mod of the year.

parts you need.

2 H.I.D ballast from a 2004-2008 Acura TL
2 H.I.D D2S Bulbs
2 D2S Igniters
2 burned out 9006 Bulbs

step one

you need to grind off the surround of the D2S bulb so its nice and smooth but do not grind off the little stubs those are needed
for the igniters


you need to do this to both D2S bulbs


then you need to get 2 9006 bulbs and break the bulb and pull out the guts till you get this


you need to grind both side so you get a nice 9006 surround, I used a grinding wheel made the job go by very fast, grinded down everything in about 6 seconds


then you need to take these 2 surrounds and drill a hole in them so the head of the D2S bulb will fit into the newly made retro surround you just made.



I had trouble with making the D2S bulb fit so I used a knife to carve the hole I drilled a little bigger intill it fit like a glove. I then touched the outter housing with a soildering iron to melt the plactic in place.
now you will notice the 9006 surround has a smaller tip thats the top of the 9006 bulb.
you will notice the D2S bulb has a wire running on the outside of the bulb thats the bottom so when you put the new surround on the D2S bulb note this and turn it correctly then melt and seal


now insert your new D2S bulbs into your D2S igniters and go install into your NSX 9006 socket

the reason I did this is My 2008 Acura TL typeS H.I.Ds are so fast they instantly
get to burn temp in like 1 second.

the NSX desrves the best and it still has all OEM Acura/Honda parts.

congrats you just REBASED a D2S bulb to 9006

any questions just ask.
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yeah but aftermarket compared to OEM is like day and night.

my aftermarket HID isnt the same as my TL's HID

the TL's HID is like 1-2 seconds to be at full burn.

I dont like it. LOL
You can just get 55W HID kits like the DDM ones for $50.

55W aftermarket HID (5000 lumens) > than OEM 35W (~3200 lumens). :smile:

I have a 55W HID kit in my Mazdaspeed and it's significantly brighter than the OEM Mazdaspeed HIDs. I've compared them side by side.
I do agree that it takes 3-5 seconds longer to warm up than the OEM but this is tiny price to pay to have significantly more light the entire time I'm using them.
hapa88 true but im just saying that if you want what they say you can have make it yourself

this thread was for information only LOL
The delay in HID's getting bright is exactly why no car manufacturer uses HID's for their high beams. High Beams must be instantly bright. The delay is just part of the deal!
I believe MBZ was one of the first HID high beam in the mid 90's with the open and close shutter.