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91 Nsx for $9950 LA Negotiable lol JH4NA1155NT000471

if this car runs and drives without problems, its a great deal...granted you dont spend a fortune replacing the car's missing parts.
I'm not sure if you guys are joking or not, but I seriously wish I could buy that and build a racecar out of it. You wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of stripping parts and selling them on ebay.

That is a good deal for a driver or track car. Red is the most popular color for the NSX, so you could probably find everything used already painted and just bolt the car back together. I would try to buy it for $8,500 and set aside maybe $5,500 for used parts. for around $14,000 you could have a complete running car.
Wow, that would be a fun project. My daughter would love to have that thing.
I did a carfax on it. In 05 it had 109k mi on it. The odometer has been spun on it. It also has had a savage title on it since 05. It would make a nice track car.

"It also has had a savage title on it since 05. It would make a nice track car."

Agree, it might turn right, or left better than most cars on the track!:biggrin:
Would be a good car if the frame is straight, it frees up alot funds for mods galore and still keep it well under 30k plus it will never depreciate:biggrin:
Well I'm not the type to bump 2 year old threads needlessly, but I thought this was the right time. After passing through a couple different hands I just picked up this same project car.

I intend to do exactly what earlier posters said, use it as a cheap driver/track car. I've owned something like 80-90 different Hondas so far & I have about 15 Integra/Civic parts cars. But this is my first NSX.

I'm hoping to keep learning a ton from the forum, acquire the parts I need & (hopefully) have it drivable sometime this year.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Congrats! I suggest you make a new thread int he "Builds Forum" so we can follow your progress!
Once I have time to take more pics I'll post them & I'll start a build thread soon.

From what I can tell, here is what's missing:

Hood, bumper, fenders, doors, hatch glass, trunk, tails, seats, armrest & wheels. Basically just a shell with some interior & a powertrain right now.
Let me know if you get bored and do not want to finish it. I have most of the parts at my house to finish that project right now. :)
wow that car looks like something out of " Gone in 60 Seconds "

looks like the car has been stripped, the funny thing is they didnt take the high dollar part... the engine.

goodluck def post a build thread and pics.

I to am building one as we speak. its fun, but finding out Waiting for the f-ing parts to arrive is whats killing me.