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91 NSX, horn buttons, clock display, service manual

22 December 2007
Omaha, NE
I just purchased a 91 NSX.
The horn button's have lost one of the tags that hold them in & they pop off occasionally. I can purcase the whole button unit for $40.00 from Acura, but all I really need are the plastic buttons without the whole unit.

Also, my display cover for the clock is missing the spring and piece that holds it on. Acura says they use to sell it, but now they only sell the whole clock. I don't need the whole clock. The way it is, the display cover just sits there okay, but I would like to have it fixed.

Which reminds me the ash tray and cigarrette lighter are gone. I would like to replace those... I'm not a smoker. Neither was the previous owner which is why they were removed, but I would like to get the car back to the original.

I do have a CD Service Manual... but I am old fashioned. I like to get my hands on the book. If you know were I could get one that would be great.
If not, I can always print out the pages from the CD.

I love the car and am happy to become part of the NSX family....

Thank You,


Omaha, NE
91 NSX Red, 5 spd, 40K