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91 Red/Blk VIN:JH4NA1152MT002273

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6 July 2005
Sad to have to do this, but first things first. Due to having to hit school full time again to make myself more marketable in this demanding world, I have to let her go. It's just not practical for me to have multiple vehicles, and one being a garage queen, only used for week-ends.

1.Manual trans
2.Currently has 68K
3.All service records and gas logs of 91 or 93 octane
4.2 owners prior to me. Both Older very respectable gentlemen
5.Clean Title
6.Located in SoCal

Well...I'll give you the run down.
I bought the this NSX in 2005 from an older gentlemen which collected cars. He was moving and could only take 4 of his automobiles...So he took his Porsche 911, Ferrari 355, M3, and an old M6 or M7...I can't remember. Anyhow, the place he was moving to had a 2003 NSX for sale, so he decided he wanted to buy something with a little more power, on top of the fact that he had to ditch one automobile.
That's when I purchased the car from him. As far as records go on maintenance done to the car (which I have the records in a folder.) He has had the following maintenance done:
Right window regulator assy
trunk struts
30K -service
35k -New brake master cylinder @ Acura Dealer
45K -New timing belt, drive belts, water pump, valve assy, coolant, tensioner @ Acura dealer
45K -gasket seals @ Acura dealer
New shift knob (stock)@ Acura dealer
All oil changes from past owner to me done @ Acura Dealers.
Purchased the car from him with 53K miles...Since owning it...I have done the following maintenance:
60K - New coolant reservoir
60K - New Battery
63K - Fluids flush
68K - Brake Pads
Replaced horn button. (Popped off while driving) from Dali Racing (stock horn part.)
The car remains very close to stock. Only mods are a Cantrell box from SOS, Borla exhaust system (for that deeper note), and SSR GT3 wheels. I have stock intake box and original factory wheels in the storage.
The car has always been garaged and covered (factory NSX cotton cover.) I have used nothing but Zaino or Zymol to clean the car and have carefully cleaned the interior and kept it dust free. I was pretty anal with it..lol.

Only thing that currently has gone wrong with it is the AC. It blows but not cold.

As you can see....I rarely drove the car. Bought it with 53K and it currently has 68,300. Only drive it on the week-ends. Mainly because I was in the Air Force at the time and didn't really get a chance to go out and enjoy it. I do love the car though, and plan on getting another one in the future. It's just not the time for me right now. Besides, school and work are a distance, so I put more use into my Civic.

Asking $27,500, but is more than willing to work on a deal. I'm actually in a bit of a hurry to sell it. Please email me at [email protected] for pictures.

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