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'92 NSX with 40K Miles @ $16K

10 February 2001
Southern California
My friend knows someone that just got himself a '92 NSX auto with 40K miles at around $16,000. The seller assured him that it was free from accidents. This seems to good to be true. Any comments?
Did you have the car CarFaxed?

In my opinon, any NSX with 40K miles on it would never cost that low, unless theres something wrong with it, or hes got some SERIOUS connections..
I dought you could find a reconstructed titled NSX with 40k and in good condition for $16k. Most of the recontructed titled NSX's I've seen are still selling in the low to mid twenties
maybe if his loan is for 16K and he paid the balance in cash or trade. some credit unions will loan half of blue book on salvage titles, thus the 16K for a '92 w/ 40K miles. but i tend to believe that he just wants to convince others that he received an unbelievable deal when he just got a fair buy. people do that all the time, including myself. who wants to admit that they were suckered?

Xane Ze

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I smell bull@#%t

Was this car purchased from the same lady that sold so many people's friend's cousin's neighbor a mint condition Lambo / Porsche / Ferrari that her husband owned before he passed away and she only charged $100?

Or maybe it is from the guy who sold someone's brother's co-worker's friend a brand new Lambo / Porsche / Ferrari for $100 because he was getting divorced and didn't want his wife to get the money or the car?
No! it was the brother of the sisters mother, on the fathers side of the 2nd cousin and grandfather to the 3rd generations brother in law that sold it

No guys, it was the soldier who went off to veitnam, left it in the barn, and never returned. Heartbroken Mom runs an ad in the local paper for "red honda", buyer shows up, realizes it's an NSX, tries to keep a straight face, and buys it. Happens every day.
Good one.
Actually my boss,back when I had one(who always seemed to step in sh@# (you know the good luck thing)),back when we were on a job in Hewlette ,New York stumbled upon a 1967 427 Red Convertable Corvette with original 17,000 miles on it in the garage of a widow (our,or should I say his customer)..he paid $5000.00 cash for this car(I remember him stopping the job and running to the bank to get the cash) that sold about 6 months later for $29,000.00.
The car was immaculate and "as a passenger" at that time the most torque I had ever felt.It was that car that made me never be a passenger in a car again.