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94 NSX Brake Peddle to floor on hot days and cars warm

15 February 2005
I just had my 94 NSX fully serviced by honda a motnh ago, when driving the cars on warm days over the last few days I noticed the brake paddle is spungie and while stopped slowwly the paddle goes down to the floor?

On cold days or cold start its fine?

Any help would be great


You need a brake master cylinder. Its dead common. The temp affects the seal integrity so it deals better when cold and firm. If it was edgy to begin with, the service can push it over the edge. When bleeding, the pistons and seals (2) travel in the bore in a range they don't normally travel and if the fluid is old, the sludge that collects just beyond seal range, gets raked over.
Not the shops fault, there is nothing they could have done.

Get the m/c soon, it will get worse and can be quite dangerous.

Thanks for the super quick reply guys,

Im in Australia but any idea of how much it costs? also is it universal with any other honda? prelude, etc

thanks again