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1992 Brilliant Blue NSX

20 March 2009
Edit : Guys, This is not a rolling shell by any means . You will get a running car. Your choice, Boosted or NA. If you choose to take the C engine.
Car is in Toronto .
I will update VIN and other important detail ASAP, The car does have a clear tittle .

Hello everyone, Long time !!
Well, Ive run out of time. I dont spend enough time in Canada and my car has been sitting for about 7 years and I haven't had a chance to drive it.
So it really pains me , But its time for it to go to a better place.

Super quick story short, A few years ago I pulled the original motor out to have it built by a local shop here in Toronto . It was a full built , From top to bottom . Well, they facked up and the fully built engine went on the first outing.

The car sits right now with this three options for sale :
Option one $50,000 : A full J conversion kit , Including the J engine which we have upgraded to a full ferrea valve train , All P2R thermal gaskets , P2R Fuel rails, P2R Holley intake manifold plenum ,A 92mm throttle body to go with this plenum. Ac lines and mount kit of course . All parts are brand new and ready to be installed and the NSX transmision has been installed on the J engine.

Option Two 55,000 : This option gets you the car as it was ment to be , We have a replacement NSX engine ready to install (150,000miles) . This engine is coming off my friends car because he is doing a swap , So I have first dips at it .

Option three 58,000 : This option will get you the the car with the C engine in it and running and I will give you all my turbo parts to take . Which include, PT6266 turbo, Tial 44 wastegate , Water to air intercooler set up from the front to the back,Water pump, reservoir , AEM ECU , all pipes hot and and cold side with the BOV, the Turbo kit puts the exhaust as center exit that comes out of the Taitec diffuser . Everything is ready to bolt on to this car as I ran it for a few years before I took the engine out.

Parts list , Bare with me . As I just saw my car a couple days ago after a year.

Body : Taitec rear big wing , Taitec Rear Diffuser , Taitec front bumper and two taitec canards (Not installed) .

Interior : A pair of bride seats , NRG quick release and steering wheel , a couple gauges to to monitor all the turbo stuff and temps, this parts lay over in carbon fibre : Centre console , Door handles and the cowl near your knee and where the key goes.

Wheel, Tires, Suspension . 18x9.5 +22 - 17x8.5 +33 Rotas . Tires are 235-30-17 / 275-35-18 Dunlop Direzza ZII star spec (BRAND NEW) .
Brakes : Brembo 6 pot front kit , Stoptech 4 pot rear kit. I put a lot effort in the suspension department, The rear beam bearings have been installed, Engine mounts have been hardened, The front and rear suspension camber correction bearings have also been done , Non compliance clamps , Dali (racing) sway bars and a short shifter , It also has a set Ksport custom valved and springed for the weight of the car that has also been cornered weighted (2700lbs with a 180lbs driver in it) . All of this together made my suspension really come to life.

Really sad to put it up , But I dont think I will be able to work on it or drive it anymore as I spend 10 months in Mexico .
Thank you everyone .


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This post does not follow the format for listing cars for sale. Pick an option and list it after it's built or move to parts section is my humble advice.
This post does not follow the format for listing cars for sale. Pick an option and list it after it's built or move to parts section is my humble advice.
Agree. To the OP- I'm generally ok with the "options" portion, but please update the ad to use the for-sale template. It's in a sticky in this forum.
Thank you @Honcho This is not an auction site or place to msg things like "...hit me up and we can discuss price" - I have never seen a listing like this make it onto prime in over 16 years, and hope to see this corrected ASAP or removed to keep the integrity of the board solid. I am strongly considering listing my 91 Berlina for sale on Prime soon to give ppl who normally have BaT as the only option. Thank you.