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94 or 91 NSX...which one to buy?

17 July 2000
I am looking for an NSX and have come upon a bunch...i'm in CA, and i found a blk/blk 94 for $37k (57k miles) here, but out of state there are tons of 91s for $35k w/ only 35-45k miles. My question--is the 94 worth it? Should i take the hit on the miles for a newer car? I've already read the FAQ on the changes btwn 91-94, and they don't seem like a big deal to me...any help is appreciated!
Aside from snap ring issues, I don't believe there are enough differences from 91 to 94 to justify much more money. Personally, I would just try to find the best individual car and not worry about which year it was. For example, I would rather have a low miles 91 than a high miles 94. Also, both are old enough to be well into the flat slope of the depriciation curve, so they should hold the initial investment equally well.
It little to do with miles and everything to do w/ previous owner's driving style. I bought a high mileage 94 from a doctor who drove it up the coast every summer. He did every service in advance and babied the car. She had 63K. Still young for a Honda.

The other reason I bought my 94 is that it has a passenger airbag. I could not bear the thought of my wife getting killed in an accident because I wanted to save a few bucks on a 91.


94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd
Buying a 94 helps you avoid these potential issue:

Window regulator issues (not a big deal if you install the Dali clips).

Snap ring issue.

Water pump issue (maybe it was altered in 95?)

You also get a slightly heavier car with the 94.
I think the main differences to me between a 91 & 94 are:

The passenger side airbag

16/17 wheels - these are worth alot more than the 91-93 15/16 5-spoke wheels.
Thanks to all...my decision was made easier by the fact that the 94 was sold so it left me with just the 91. Oh well. At least I am now the owner of a red/black 91 NSX!
Congrats. Welcome to the club. Drive safely.

94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd