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A/C Problem

27 October 2000
Chicago, Il USA
My 1991's A/C is out. The compressor does not go on at all. The blower inside the car runs fine, and the fans on the left and right condensers both run. (One of them had a blown 10A fuse), when I replaced it the fan ran and still no compressor start. Are there any more tricks to troubleshot with before bring to dealer?

Brian is correct--unless you have a set of gauges, a way to check is to remove one of the plastic caps on the refrigerant lines and poke the valve with your finger nail, or a sharp object. If there is pressure you will know--if not, you are low on freon, and there is a protection switch that is keeping the compressor from running.
IF there is no freon in the system and IF the compressor is wet with a very light oil, then you probabally need a new compressor.. I say probabally because the other common leak in that area is the manifold gasket on top of the compressor where the manifold for the two hoses is. It will be obvious if you remove the compressor. Oil will be above the clutch if it is the seal.
Acura does not sell this seal, but a/c shops do (tell them its for a ND 10PA15C compressor). If you need one, and can't find one, I'll send you one.

Also, if you replace the compressor, you should also replace the reciever / drier. The desicant inside is now 15 years old, and has been contanimated by at least some air and moisture.