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a few Q's about suspension setups.

26 November 2006
San Jose/San Francisco
i'm going to be picking up a set of used tein RE from koolaid soon. i'm curious as to what else i would need to do if...i'm going to drop the front and rear anywhere from 1.0-1.5", i love my 97' wheels so i will be running those. i will have the car realigned to 91' specs for i really don't mind excessive tire wear. i'm more performance oriented than comfort and worrying about tire wear, but no where near the extreme end of say...2500lbs nsx!!!!

do you guys think that at the very extreme...1.5" drop is a bit too excessive? btw, i do not run the stock front lower lip.

would you guys recomend spacers for the front and rear because i do want the top edge of the tires to mesh nicely with the fender. if so, should i run the 15mm front and 25mm rear that everyone speaks of or should i run other sizes?

koolaid mentioned that i would need the camber kit for the rear. is it absolutely crucial to have the camber kit in order to bring it back to 91' specs or would a realignment be enough?

i would also appreciate it if any of you guys can post pics of 1-1.5" dropped cars so i can see what they look like, especially with the 7 spoke rims.

also, wher can i buy spacers and camber kits and how much do they cost?

Thom (ayotte) sells a camber kit for the rear, so does dali and dali will also install them for you too. Thom offers 2 different kits you can choose from, dali offers one. With my drop which is just under 1", I could only get my rear camber to 2.2 degrees. Spec on camber is 1.5 max I believe. I am 99% sure the camber kit is crucial to get the camber within spec.

Get your rear spacers from dali. You can mix and match if you like, and he has more than one option. Also, his prices are alot better than SOS. Front or Rear hub centric spacers with studs are about $80 per pair, compared to SOS @ $235/set of 4.