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A$$hole SUV Drivers

21 February 2001
High Point, NC
Sorry for the opening rant, but somebody in an Expedition backed "over" my NSX Saturday night, did not even see it out of the rearview mirror. What good does it do to park all by yourself in the middle of the parking lot when some chick in a land yacht does not bother to use all of her mirrors. Anyway, the damage is primarily paint on the nose and end of the hood, and a deeper gash just above the toe hook area. I cannot feel any aluminum damage, but do I still need to be careful about repainting, i.e. use an Acura dealer or approved site, or can I use one of my clients as long as I use OEM paint? I am going to do a search for paint topics in the forums, but any experience any of you guys have would be great. Thanks.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
I feel for you. I had a woman in a Range Rover back over my 96 vette the exact same way once. Luckily we settled it privately and the work was paid for.
She couldn't even see my car behind her.
"This campaign is designed to tell the world what we think of those mindless suburban drones that insist on getting 8 mpg while driving their kids to soccer practice. Join us as we direct our social activist energies toward the exciting new sport of Big Game SUV Hunting":
About two years ago I backed over a neon that was illegally parked in a reserved spot. I was driving my 1999 (new at the time) Z-71. I did not even see the car there , and I looked too. before I knew it I had buried my back bumper about a foot into the passengers rear door. This happened in a apartment complex. No one had seen me do this it was 6 am. So I went around trying to find the owner of the car. Finally I found the owners daughter. She was borrowing the car from her dad. Her father was a police officer. GREAT. So I spoke to him on the phone and told him about what had happened. I asked him if I could fix the damage as I have done many cars in the past. I also gave him the option of taking to my friends body shop. He said that would be fine. This way I would not have to turn it in and have my insurance boosted. About 3 days later he calls me up and says he wants to have it fixed at the dealer. They no doubt want to charge 3500 dollars, about the value of the little s$%t box. I finally turned it into my insurance company. I told the guy, " and the police wonder why people lie to them, you know I could have just drove off". I have since seen the car driving around town not repaired.

What a disgusting web site!

Everyone should have a big SUV!

All the better to tow your NSX to the next track event.


1992 NSX Red/Blk 5 spd #0330
1991 NSX Blk/Blk Auto #3070 (Sold)
1974 Vette 454 4 spd Wht/Blk
Looking for 76-79 Honda Accords
This reminds me of the time I was driving my '98 Land Cruiser in the McDonald's drive-thru (OK I was desperately hungry and in a hurry), but decided to leave when the line didn't move in 5 minutes. I looked behind me, and in both of my rear view mirrors - nothing. Put it into reverse and... HONK HONK HONK!!
Surprising to me, a little Honda something was about 1' off of my bumper and placed so perfectly that it was completely invisible. I think the car was lowered too.
The lady yelled at me and I couldn't help but to laugh at the thought of slowly backing over her car like a ramp.
Since then I've made it an extra point to check behind me for 'midget' cars - I'm not sure if a NSX would have been visible, but it's possible it wouldn't have been.

BTW Land Crusier works GREAT for towing the NSX around!

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
ive got a 4 runner ltd. and it is a nice suv, but i use the thing, i have 3 st. bernards so its practical, on the other hand i have been backed over by a jacked up excursion in my boxster, i was pissed! in fact here in vegas i got backed over twice and rearended on the strip all in 3 weeks, all by suv"s, i feel your pain!
I had a guy in a dualie pickup with the huge stainless rear bumper hit me at a gas station, then drove off. I chased him down, he claimed he did not feel the hit.
He did settle with no problems.

I dislike SUVs as a rule, but ever try to put your 2 kids and dog into your NSX?
SUVs are not the issue, inattentive drivers are.
I don't mind SUV's as long as the drivers are aware of what they are doing.
I get pretty pi$$ed when they do something stupid, like drive aggressivly. That is a lot of vehicle to be weaving in and out of traffic in.
The other day a kid (he could not have been older than 17-18) was driving in an aggressive manner in a later model Chevrolet Suburban. He had 4 or 5 friends in the vehicle, stereo blaring, smokes hanging out the window...you know the drill, anyway his lane of traffic gets tied up at a stop light. My lane was free so I passed, and then, a short way down the stretch I started to merge into the left lane to make a turn. All I can say is it is a good thing I double checked my mirror, kid was hard charging in that lane, (doing like 70 in a 35 zone) He flies by me, buddies yelling out the window. I had missed my turn due to this kids recklessness, so I proceeded to the next stop light, where we exchanged words.
The kid tried to blame me for the close encounter, saying I tried to "cut him off", like we were in a race or something.

Story would have ended here...but then the kids buddy spits on my car from the back seat as they pull away.

I got his plate number
A phone call to a fraternity brother who is also a private investigator gives me a name, address, and telephone number. Turns out Dad isn't too pleased with juniors road manners.

I wonder what happened next?

One NSXPO down... more to come!
I have never done anything like that before, but this kid needed to be stopped. Bad enough he almost squashed me, but then to show such blatent disrespect... I was irrate!
It is good to have a friend like John (the P.I.) not only is he useful in sourcing a$$hole drivers, his job took me to three hockey games last year. (he was investigating an insurance fraud case, guy had front row seats, we sat in the luxury boxes and watched the game, while John filmed the suspects behavior) All it cost me was a beer or two.
John ran the plate, then used a special directory to get me the phone number. Amazing what you can find out when you have connections!
I owe John another beer now.



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