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A little NSX humor for a change - Bikini Girl

3 March 2005
Tampa, Florida
Ok here is the disclaimer before the posts fly accusing me of spreading capitalistic messages on this site.

1) I am a NSX owner - so a little respect please.
2) I am an entrepreneur and proud to be an American.
3) I invented a product that actually works and has protected my NSX for many years now.
4) I am not asking for opinions stating that it is too high priced, or is something you could build yourself for much much less with a pool float or air mattress. I have heard all of these before and they simply do not work.
5) The product is actually carefully engineered and won (5) awards as SEMA 2008
6) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - I LIKE TO HAVE FUN, LIFE IS TOO SHORT for mean spirited comments from armchair inventors. The response I got last time I shared my invention on this forum was hateful. I honestly don't care if you buy the product, that is your choice that is what freedom is about.

I am sharing because in these tough times I want to make my fellow NSX lovers snicker a little and maybe smile. That is all I want, nothing more, nothing less.:wink:

Enjoy (P.S. This is rated PG-13, don't want to offend)

I only have ONE question: Who's the girl? :biggrin:
Pretty funny ... lets hope fat bastard dosent come after you with a law suit for using his character. I think its a real catchy commercial and im sure it will get lots of HITS.......get it HITS !! :biggrin: