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A new NSX? Evidently NOT!!!

That concept's been circulating around for awhile [LINK] sitting in the showroom of Honda's expanded R&D Operations in Silicon Valley [video LINK].

It was designed by Jason Wilbur who left Honda's Advance Design Studio in 2015 and lately has been designing watches [LINK if curious].

Honda did file a trademark application for Europe in 2016 for a very similar looking car called the ZSX [LINK] but this concept (or something like it) was supposed to be unveiled at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show (never happened). All that to say, while it looks pretty cool, being a 7+ yr old design study means not the new NSX.
yes old news
Given Honda's public statement regarding the development timeline, I'm sure there is a an EV NSX prototype running somewhere in Japan right now, but we won't see it for a while and it will likely go through several more changes, especially in terms of exterior appearance. We will see it when Honda makes their big splash on the EV lineup based on their EV partnership with GM. Best guess? 2025 Tokyo Auto Salon...maybe.