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Aaaahhh....another noise

14 February 2012
Melbourne, Aus
Hi all

Dropped in my baby to Honda last week to rectify an oil leak issue.

Took her out yesterday for a nice 150 mile drive.

I now hear a new rattle in the rear most detectable running at higher speeds cruising but can be heard downshifting.

Noise sounds like some metallic loose/rattling.

I can think of 3 possible reasons?:

1) Honda needed to remove rear valve cover to fix leak...something not retightened?

2) I have aftermarket headers and exhaust. Honda fixed the Cat converter heatshield touching the crossbar by cutting a little of the heatshield off. But now the flange of the Cat is 1/5 inch away from the crossbar......so when driving rattling gainst one another

3) Dreaded butterfly valve and Honda visit purely coincidental
Quick update, I had a good look below today and I think it's number 2) above. The flange is really close to the metal crossbar.

If I shake the exhaust system enough, I can touch the metal crossbar so I could only imagine what it's like when the engine is moving.

As you can see in the photos attached, it's really close, like 1/15 inch.

It use to be the cat heatshield pressing against the metal cross bar. Honda did a great job cutting the heatshield....straight and no sharp edges. They had the best of intentions. :)

Now I was wondering what I can put between the cat flange and the metal crossbar?

Something strong to absorb the compression but also heat resistant?

Looking from front to rear

Looking from rear to front
I have something similar...Larry B just pulled real hard with the car on his lift to get a little seperation of the exhaust/cat with the beam.
Did Larry pull on the beam and bent it a little?

I think he actualy pushed the exhaust/header up rather than pull the bar down.:redface: anyway I still get a little tinny metal on metal sound but I only hear it when pulling away from a stop,untill all the nicer sounds overpower it.