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Lamini's Journal (1991 NSX)

Car just hit 100,000miles. Still driven daily. Hard to believe it just had 30k not long ago :). Still cool enough for other Audi’s, Maseratis, Porches, and of course Teslas at the parking garage.

Its at the shop right now ... for AC repair (thanks Ben!). I remember the day my AC broke; it was the first few months of ownership, in July.. I was at a car meet, car on, in the heat, with the AC on for probably 30minites. I guess it didn’t like that. Ever since then the AC slowly got worse. I’ve read other statements like that here. If all goes well then my AC-less summer streak will finally end. Not too bad as I leave for work as the sun comes up.

Also in process of buying OEM coilovers that were in the Parts for Sale section. They don’t come up too often and the KWs can wait. If all goes well then I’ll have a better ride, and with air conditioning.