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Abs System Bubbling!!

1 August 2003
Las Vegas, NV
Well my ABS system is staring to act up on me :mad: For the past few days I have noticed a buzzing noise at first I didn’t know what it was I figured it might be the A/C system but boy tonight it was pretty damn loud. By the time I got home to pop the hood and check the fluid it was milky white and bubbling :eek: . "NOT GOOD NOT GOOD AT ALL" :eek: Has any one came across this problem with the system being milky and bubbling. I know the milky look is from water. I will know more because im taking the old red girl to Bausch for the 90k,timeing and water pump. Should I pull the fuse untill I can take it in the shop?
Do a search on ABS. There are an infinite number of posts on this. You have a stuck selinoid. Not a big deal.

What you are seeing is normal for the ABS resevoir but it also shows that you brake fluid is old and should be purged in the ABS system. If you purge the fluid as recommended, then you will notice that the ABS pump doesn't come on as often or as long as before. Right now your brake fluid has lots of air in it. In fact if you purged the fluid using the "official" tool for this, you will notice steam coming out of this mass of bubbles indicating both heat that the system generates and water that's been abosorbed over time. Purge your ABS system with some good quality brake fluid at least once a year and exercise it regularly and you should see few problems with it in the future.