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AC works great then fan goes low and blows warm

5 January 2011
Southern California
So I have never had issues with my AC but today I was driving and had the AC on nice and cold. Then I noticed fan went from high to med/low and it blew warm air for a minute and then back to normal. This happened a few times.

What could it be? Maybe needs a recharge? I did wash engine bay an hour or two before so maybe short somewhere?

I searched with no luck.
recharged it and its OK now and super cold. Went on a long drive with no issues. Guess it was just starting to run low. I was missing the blue caps cover for valves so I need to get one from dealer cause I guess it can cause a very slow leak without it from what I heard.
Glad you figured it out, Adrian! I had to recharge my 97 too.
Yeah. I noticed when I hooked up the can of r134 it immediately went into the system pretty quick so it was definetly low. Glad it wasn't nothing big.

Sorry to be late to the party but if you are in a high humidity area this sounds like your evaporator is freezing up(low r134a) then thawing.
Its been humid past few days but seems all good now. Thanks.
You guys need to shoot a small amount of refrigerant dye in your systems. This helps locate the leak. Trust me, if its leaking you will find it.