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Group Buy Active Aero WIP

26 January 2001
San Diego, CA
We made some progress on this project of the hydraulic portion. Thru our CFD analysis, we targeted total of ~350lbs of DF front/rear. The 2nd video is with 200+lbs of load and it was no issues at all.
The battery used on this video is our 5yr+old Shorai LFX36L and only puts out ~10V....we got a new one for the car:).....There are still a lot of work left like building a front carbon bumper and the bumper cover but this is what we have so far. We will NOT be using the wing in the video for the production as the chord is very wide and the length is long like a Viper wing.

We are on the fence market this for the rear and the front separately but to have a balanced car, we should market this as one package.


You can use the wing to have DF on demand:biggrin: or air brake on demand:biggrin:. NO additional drag at all speed unlike the fixed aero set up. Our Type R wing cost us ~2mpg compare to the OEM wing going and fro TX to SD for over 10+yrs now. Hate to do the math of the x-tra gas we wasted and tire wear.

Not sure if we want to add a controller or just have two buttons to push yet. We are stoked to get this far before the year ends. Now we have to make some progress for the front aero next year.
We are tired of the fixed Type R wing generating DF+Drag when we don't need it nor can we feel it except at the gas station which is most of the time. In a way, our cars will be "greener":wink: burning less gas and save our $$$ tires.
The concept has being around since the Wright brothers and that was 100+yrs ago. Its about time.

Regan, using +/- stuff will be mucho grande and heavy and way too costly for V.1 to get the numbers we are after which is not very high and we have a lot more room to go b 4 stall. we still have packaging challenges to deal with to fit the actuators of this version inside the Type R side mounts which is not very wide. This wing will mount ~1" higher than the normal type R wing to get the numbers we want in CFD. but in real life, DF will be a bit lower due to too many variables.

all MJ's Big Mac is hydraulic but they use much bigger actuators for bigger DF. Hydraulic has been around forever and quite powerful with newer technology. we were surprised it lifted 200 lbs with a weak 10v Shorai +/- with no problem. Most people have bigger +/- so the lifting motion will be much quicker but we like the compact Shorai which also leave room in the front to mount the active aero motor and stuff.

This is a very basic/reliable/intro/"low-cost" version that YOU have to push a button to activate/de-activate. this tiny marine proven motor goes both ways so it bleeds itself.
v.2 can certainly be a larger airfoil like in the video with motion controller for DF or brake but the more "automated/AI" the system is, the less the human has to engage. We want to be the dummy pushing the button:biggrin: on and off like a little kid.

cheap and cheerful is what most people want and so do we...but we are not compromising on quality and reliability. the v.1 airfoil will probably have Rohacell inside and that is not cheap but efficient to manufacturer. We either have to sell more crack or use less crack or sell a bit coin or two or sell some apple/tesla to make this come true.
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Frt Bumper Cover WIP

Extra flange is for vacuum bag. Frt splitter will be another piece.
Front Flap opening to generate ~150lb of DF on demand.

This part will be made in prepreg and save ~20-25 lbs than the OEM set up. No oem mounting H/W, heavy alum supports needed. Totally reversible.


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