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Acura/Honda ignition switch

10 August 2020
Recently saw a post about replacing the Acura ignition switch, also heard that possibly an ignition switch from a Honda Accord was also compatible? So I did get one from Amazon for the accord unfortunately the accord ignition switch is a five wire and the one out of my 93 NSX is a six wire, the white round contact piece seems the same might just use that unless somebody can tell me what Honda replacement part they used. Thanks
1991-2005 Acura NSX Switch, Steering 35130-SL0-003 | OEM Parts Online

And it only fits the NSX, no other Honda products. I think I purchased my switch from Amayama; but, Rockauto lists an aftermarket version at a low price and you can have it lickity split - if you pay for the primo shipping.

More Information for WVE 1S6403 (rockauto.com)

If you check the switch function diagram in the service manuals you may be able to figure out whether you can bodge the Accord switch to get it to work in the NSX. Personally, I wouldn't bother.