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Acura of Seattle (South center)

24 August 2006
Western Washington state
I just wanted to post about the recent experience I had at Acura of Seattle.

A week ago my check engine and TCS light came on. So I pulled the code and it was an o2 sensor. I was going to do it but found out about the TSB on our Emission gear on here. (Thanks NSX Prime thats a sweet deal) and called around to the Acura dealers. Most were I guess less then friendly on the phone except for Acura of Seattle. They didn't come across like I was bothering them by calling and I've bought oil filters from them before and them were always great. So I schedule and head over.

They pulled the code and found it was covered by the TSB and said it would all be covered but they had to overnight the parts so it would be the next day before it was done. Then they gave me a loaner and I was on my way.

Next day the car was done and I picked it up, however by the time I got home the check engine light was back on but without the TCS. I called and they said to drop it off and they'd take care of it. Another loaner (which I didn't even have to pay for gas on ether one) and I was off.

This time the kept it for two days and replaced all the injectors under warranty also( the code was for a misfire and fuel trim out of spec). The car is running great and I'm extremely impressed with my service rep (Bill) and the Mech (Nick). It's rare for me to come away from a stealership and be happy about the experience but this time I was( the pile of new parts under warranty sure helps).

I just want to give credit where it due.

What is TSB?
I didn't have good experience with them.
But sounds like we have more NSX owners out there than I thought we have.
I guess not many people like to come out during meetings and such.
I have never heard about Myaddiction until today :)
Nice! Sounds like some dealers still help on TSB's for the NSX even if its older? I had some on the s2k before and the dealer wouldn't believe me that the issue is from the TSB so they would have to do an inspection on it first and than would later decide if they would cover the TSB or not. I usually just ended up taking it to a private shop to do the labor if I ran into those situations.

I have Acura of Lynnwood near me. Any good experiances on NSX with that dealer? John is a cool guy and he installed the SC for my s2k and did maint on her.

I've been doing all my mods and maint with Zahntech though as I feel I can trust them with their knowledge and care on NSX. Glad to have a specialized shop near me :)
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Acura of Lynnwood is fine if you have Jon (master Tech) service your NSX. Because the other tech ruined my clutch installation and I ended up paid for clutch job 2 times.