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Acura RL navigation system in NSX

1 February 2005
Dallas, TX
Is it possible to get the Acura RL navigation system in the NSX?

The one with the traffic updates?
That would be a great thing to use - to know when to avoid traffic....
Alpine is releasing their new navigation system this summer which will have the same traffic info integrated. The software will also be updated to much cooler graphics than their current system. :D
Moving an OEM system to your NSX will not be an easy task. Just ask Lithiumus.

The traffic feature is supplied by a subscription service to XM NavTraffic. The Pioneer Avic-N2 does this already. You have the buy the tuner separately but it also can receive XM Radio service. You can check it out here.

I'm sure you'll see a whole host of products coming out with this feature.
Living in Southern California I dont need a nav system to tell me there is traffic. I already know there is one, and if there is a way around it, its usually plugged up by a million stop lights. :biggrin:

hehe jk...good question though. always had the possibility of getting a nav system for my nsx. Maybe the honda version made by alpine or the eclipse systems i see on here. Just havent had the extra $$$ to justify the need. :biggrin:
Malibu Rapper is right, an OEM retrofit is a serious project. No stereo shop will touch it as they are not familiar nor can they get support from the mfg for the job. Acura won't touch it as they can't warranty it.

I put a 2004 Acura TL Nav system + radio / XM / Bluetooth HFL and voice recognition in my car and it took about 2 months (or about a week of install time) and it's still not 100% complete.

Plus have you seen how ugly the RL headunit looks? It would actually fill the entire NSX console and not leave you room for your Climate control. As well, the RL headunit incorporates the AC controls in very strange places... i.e. the AC button is at the bottom close to the Nav controls next to that big honking dial!

Aftermarket would be your best bet although half way into my project I did consider switching to the RL system until I saw headunit / console... it would look terrible in the NSX...
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