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Adjusting JRZ Coilovers

10 September 2010
Embarrassing question, but how do you adjust the ride height on the JRZ RS coilovers? (bought the car with the coilovers)

I'm used to coilovers with a shock body that you use wrenches to turn the coilover into the shock body.

Pics of the suspension here: http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=139347

Their website had no documentation on the coilovers.
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You have to turn the spring perch... Just like on any other coilover.
you need to loosen the allen bolt first and then you can turn it.

+1. Raising and lowering the spring perch adjusts the ride height up and down. The NSX and JRZ damper has so much travel that there is no need to have an adjustable shock body as once the wheels are on the ground all the slack is taken up.